I have been loving the porch more than ever this summer.  We've had numerous afternoon rain showers this year.  Not the booming thunder and scary lightening kind, but nice light rain.  The porch has been a wonderful retreat!

Swim team is in full swing and I love it!  It makes for the perfect start to our days... the littles get some energy out and I get to chit chat with my lady friends.  Whit is practicing up with 7-8 year olds and I am super proud of him for keeping up during their entire hour time slot!

Y'all, this precious angel had her last day of pre-school.  She only went one morning a week, but oh my stars is she a doll or what?!?!  

Mother has been hoarding a bunch of these amazing hand made tassel necklaces for months now.  She finally brought me some and I can't get enough of them!!!!!!!  They are in our etsy store in the Coastal Jewelry section.

Summer nights mean we have gotten really lax with the bed times.  If they are being quiet and playing nicely we are a-ok with that.  But then there are the nights when I go in their room and find this scene.  John is missing and Whit is giggling.  Come to find out Whit is trying to hide him by laying on top of him.  Silly boys.

I am going to figure out how to grow peonies next year because I fell in love with these from Trader Joes.  I mean, I just adore every thing about them!

I was beyond excited to hear that Lilly Pulitzer AND Sprinkles are coming to the new Disney Springs.  Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother and I spied this book of Kate paper dolls in Target and scooped up the last copy to put away for CeeCee.  I cannot wait to do these with her.  The details are just stunning!!  I have so many fond memories of my own paper dolls.

I found this lying around.  Someone's list of pranks.  I promptly forgot about it after a good long belly laugh and when Whit's entire undie drawer was empty two days later I said "Whit you have got to start managing your undies better.  I JUST washed clothes."  Honey just laughs at that and says "Sounds like someone just checked item one off their prank list."  John has always announced any sort of "misbehavior" before doing it and it's something we've always laughed about.  When he was little he'd say things like "I'm going to throw all my toys on the floor" before he did it.  Now it will be things like "After dinner I'm going to eat five extra large marshmallows" and then he will do it.  I love that I always know what's coming with him :-)

The Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration kicked off last week.  I am DYING to go.  I made a half-hearted attempt to look this question up but will ask y'all... does anyone know how long all of the special things will run?  Till the end of 2015?  A year?  Forever?  I need to plan purposefully!

Vibrant fireworks bursting above Sleeping Beauty Castle at the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

Last but not least, today my family is wishing sweet, funny little Bird a HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!  He came into this world a mere 3lbs, but has the biggest personality you've ever seen!!!!

I don't know about y'all, but I'm seriously ready for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


May Flowers

Somehow the month got away from me (well, let's be honest... I know how it happened between birthdays, school, sports, anniversaries, Mom's Day and the likes) and I never got around to sharing my new fun and colorful May door decor!!

I had been using a large basket of French tulips for eons and, while they had a good run, they were finally just to dingy to bring out again this Spring.  And since I've had a long standing love affair with Bronwyn Hanahan, I promptly hopped on her site to see what she had in store.  This colorful flower pot was screaming my name!  I opted for custom personalization of just a W with the two dots on either side.

Since the door got such a colorful dressing, it was only fair to include the best poochies in the world (you know, the kind that don't chew up your Jacks or tee tee on your rugs).

Now, I have my sights set on adding her firecracker for July 4th...  the struggle is real.

Moving right along to other topics, do any of you bloggers use Windows Live Writer?  It seems to be kaput.  I've used it for years and it was SO easy to write, watermark photos and the likes.  I'd love to hear any alternative solutions!!



Share Your Style #15 {Party + Features}

Good evening and welcome back to our Share Your Style party!!!  Each week one of your hosts will take a turn choosing the features, and then ALL EIGHT of us will share them on our blogs for tons of exposure. 

Ron (my BFF) from Uptown Acorn

"I spent the Memorial Weekend in my "happy place", Grand Isle. The unofficial start of summer is here, and I am most excited that my summer will be here in just two days.  Do you have summer plans? This summer I have trips planned to Perdido Key, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. I cannot wait to share the adventures of Uptown Acorn coming soon...."  I adore the pic of Ron and his cousin and his flowered raft :-)


Southern State of Mind shared her beautiful foyer transformation. 

You must see this chair redo from Decor to Adore.

I am a lover of white flowers and silver. Ramon of Rowhouse Blog shared his favorite combination with us.

Meatloaf and Melodrama shared this idea for summer cookies, flip flops. I adore these so much. Brilliant!

Who doesn't love a good summer cocktail? Life In My Empty Nest shared the delicious sounding Simple Cranberry Margarita. Cheers!

If one of your links was featured, be sure to grab our button before you go!!

Now, on to this week!  We hope you'll join in with your decor, vintage, DIY, tablescapes, creations and yummies… in other words, pretty much anything STYLE related.  Grab our party button and add it to the bottom of the posts you link up:

Dixie Delights

With that, it’s time to Share Your Style!!


I Love {Coca-Cola}

So, on a complete whim a few weeks ago I revealed that I work.  I know, I know. Just when you thought you knew more than you ever wanted to know about me.  I actually do keep a few things private :-)  If you will, let me start from the beginning…

Growing up, Coca-Cola was a huge part of our life.  It’s really hard to put into words, but Coke was there at all celebrations and it was there when we were sad, sick or hurting too.  No matter what was the matter, Mother would say “Let’s have a Coke.  Then you’ll feel better.”  I have vivid memories of drinking ice cold Cokes out of glass bottles on hot summer days.  Every single person in my family took the first sip and then gave the satisfactory “ahhhh”.  When we spent the night out at a friend’s house, Mother would pack a Coke in our bag.  You know, just in case we woke up in the middle of the night home sick.  When my parents visited me in college, they always came bearing a 12-pack.  And we do the same with our littles.  Coca-Cola isn’t taboo here.  It’s a treat and it’s a part of every celebration and pretty much every sick day too. 

I will never forget the day that Daddy-O said goodbye to me on the stoop of Cloudman dorm at Georgia Tech.  I acted brave and he did too.  (But I’m certain we were both terrified.)  The last thing he said before getting the car and leaving me for the first time in my life was “Work very hard and do your best.  And maybe, just maybe, one day you could get a job right across the street.”  If you are familiar with Georgia Tech or Atlanta, you will know that place he spoke of was the world headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company. 

That moment stuck with me for four and half grueling years.  (It was fun but it was super hard.)  And, in the middle of my senior year, my best Sigma Nu friend and Coca-Cola intern (now VP) called me up and said his group needed another intern.  To be honest, I really wasn’t interested in adding a job to my plate, but I’d grown up loving Coca-Cola more than any brand in the world, so I went for it…and got it!  It was with tears in my eyes that I called up Daddy-O and said “You’ll never believe what happened.  (I’m sure he immediately panicked based on all the other calls he received that started with that line.)  Remember how you told me that if I worked really hard I might be able to get that job across the street?  Weeellllll…. I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I got a job at Coke!!!!!!!”

My internship led to a full time job as soon as I graduated.  I did look at other options, but I knew deep down I’d never leave Coke.  (In spite of the fact they offered me less money than any other offer I had.)  I was happily employed and greatly challenged for 8 years in Business Analysis, Strategy & Planning and Revenue Growth Management. 

When I had little John I was really at a crossroads.  I had worked SO hard to get a good job and then even harder to keep it and do well at it.  I earned four promotions and a 10-day trip to any Ritz in the world (we broke it up between Hawaii and Jamaica) in that time.  But, I also wanted to be a Mommy.  I went back to work full time for about two months after my maternity leave.  I didn’t want to assume that I couldn’t do it all, so I truly gave it my best shot.  And I cried the first week.  And the second week.  And for six straight weeks feeling like I was failing at everything.  Work, being a mommy and being a wife.  Oh, and just being myself too.  The day that I had to shut my crying baby upstairs in the master bathroom to take an important call from a senior VP was the day I knew it couldn’t go on.  Honey was completely supportive of whatever decision I wanted to make, and it was to be a stay at home mother.  I gave my two weeks notice and felt like I was walking on air.  Like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders! 

Two weeks into retirement, I got a call from a work acquaintance.  She had her first baby just weeks before I had John.  She too went back full time and was extremely unhappy.  But she had managed to talk her boss into this rare little gem of a situation called a “job share.”  I had no earthly idea how to do her job or what it entailed (“marketing”), but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.  I went in for the interview and landed the two day portion of a job share! 

Nine years later, I’m still going strong two days a week!  I’ve had five different managers, four different three-day partners and recently received a big and slightly terrifying promotion.  My job has evolved to something entirely new since I started it.  I am currently application manager of two b2b type websites providing sales and marketing information and direction to the Coca-Cola system.  Now that I’m not paying for two in part-time day care, I am making a decent income for a company I’ve admired my whole life.  I worked very, very hard for my Georgia Tech degree and my masters (paid for by Coke!).  And while I don’t currently do anything even remotely related to my education, it was that education that opened this door.

photo 1 (28)

So I guess the cat’s officially out of the bag now…  If you have any burning questions, ask away because I just might never mention the J.O.B. again.  Oh and I finally decide to share today because it just happens to be my 17th anniversary of working for The Coca-Cola Company!!

PS. On shareacoke.com right now you can buy your very own personalized glass bottle Coke.  How fun!!!  If your name is not already available, like CeeCee, you can have it added to the database!


Memorial Day

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
Rather we should thank God that such men lived.
- George S. Patton

June 2014 405 copy

Just popping by to say that I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day.  We spent ours with friends and neighbors in what ended up a fun and laid back long weekend.  Today and every day we proudly wave the red, white and blue and give thanks to all that serve and have served our great country.




Honey and I were so very proud of John for taking a break from baseball to give another sport a try.  I’ll be honest and say that in these neck of the woods it’s a hard thing to do.  A lot of kids play year round and do travel teams in the summer.  John likes baseball enough and is good enough, but he didn’t show a real passion for it so we’ve been encouraging him for about 18 months to try something else.  He’s a pretty talented runner, but even in this sport many of the kids his age had a few years under the belts.  That being said, he had a great first season!!



He trained for a couple of months and then competed in four meets – trying all sorts of races and field events.


We knew going in that his strength would be in the distance races, but we let him figure that out for himself :-)  After a couple of 25th place out of 28 runners in the 100m dash, he settled in on the 400m and 800m towards the end of the season.  He achieved a new personal best meet over meet at every single meet, usually ending up in 7th/8th place in the longer distance races. 



JohnMay15 copy

He really shined in the shot put – consistently getting 2nd/3rd place and having the best distance on our team.  He’s a scrawny thing, built like his mama, so it was pretty shocking :-)


I shared this little nugget in Instagram a while back…  Honey told me 5 years ago to never talk aloud about sports when I called home plate 4th base at John’s first baseball game.  Things have really not improved.  And besides, shock put really sounds much more exciting.


Speaking of giggles and grins, that’s really what John was in it for.  Hanging with his little buddies from school, running back and forth to the “bullet pen”, downing bags of pistachio nuts and cooling off with QuikTrip slushies on the way home.  Much like the swim meets, he said multiple times… “Mommy I LOVE track!!!!!!!  Well, everything but the running.”  LOL.  We consistently spent seven hours at these meets to watch him run a total of four minutes.  And he adored it!!

11289428_10207095708580752_5952371699872191040_o copy


He will miss the area meet, which is required to move on to any others, so his season is now complete.  I’m not sure what the fall holds sports wise for this kid.  Honey and I would love to see him try cross country, and he is considering going back to baseball.  As for the summer, we are planning to bask in the glory of long, candy filled swim meets and will be dusting off the tennis racquets!


The Coolest Summer Ever

As part of our last day of school celebrations, we always put our heads together and our wish lists on paper for our annual summer bucket list! 

This year I picked up these tags at Michael’s for a few dollars and I hastily wrote down the things the littles shouted out. 

DSC_0784 copy

The Coolest Summer Ever:
  • Have a lemonade stand
  • Make a backyard fort
  • Introduce Coke and peanuts
  • Get cupcakes from the Sprinkles ATM
  • Have a triple sleepover
  • Watch Star Wars movies
  • Camp out in the back yard
  • Catch fireflies
  • Try every flavor at Cold Stone
  • Play baseball
  • Visit Aunchie’s new beach house
  • Sleep on the porch
  • Play basketball
  • Go to the movies
  • Make lunches for MUST Ministries
  • Use the zip line
  • Pull out the slip n slide
  • Go to the pool
  • Make worm drinks and popsicles
  • Go to Savannah
  • Make s’mores
  • Bring home Elsa
  • Shoot the Hooch
  • Go to the College Football Hall of Fame
  • Go to the High Museum
  • Use the Easy Bake Oven
  • Read and watch Harry Potter
  • Attend nature camp
  • Visit the World of Coke
  • Join Swim Team
  • Try Top Golf
  • Attend programming camp
  • Play croquet
  • Have a nerf war
  • Star Wars Weekend at Disney
  • Take a geocaching expedition
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Have a corn hole tourney
  • Eat our garden crops
  • Go to the Mystery Room
  • Do the Sky View at night
  • Visit Stone Mountain

My grand idea is that each week we will print off a picture of our accomplished bucket list items, punch a hole in it and add it to our ring.  Then we will have a wonderful little scrapbook of The Coolest Summer Ever!

DSC_0785 copy

The great news is that we’ve already started swim team practice, been to the pool AND played basketball.  Only 39 items to go :-)  Buckle up, y’all… cause it’s gonna to be a ride!!!!

We welcomed summer at the pool last night, are off to our last track meet today, have a neighbor dinner tomorrow and another pool party Sunday.  Bring on the fun!!!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!
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