Pool Hopping

With all of the patches of rain moving through, today was an exercise in “quick, the sun is out!!  let’s go…”


We started off the day at the covered Sky Pool and were excited to have the place pretty much to ourselves.


July 2014 167

July 2014 171

July 2014 172

July 2014 184

After lunch on the porch back at the house, the sun was really finally shining.  So we spent the afternoon at one of the outdoor pools.  These three amigos had a ball playing tag in the pool.


July 2014 186

July 2014 195

We were SO sad that our favorite Rosemary SnoBall spot from last year closed up shop.  Mother, John and I tried out the new one at the beach next door but were disappointed in their limited flavor selection and the fact that they had no sour cherry :-( 

July 2014 197  July 2014 199

We ditched Cookie and Bird with the grandparents and headed over to George’s for yet another amazing meal.  John was beyond excited for a grown-up night out and we took CeeCee with us just to make things easier on Mimi and Ampa.  (They made a special trip to Sugar Shak and had a super fun night of their own.)  If you’re around these parts this summer, you have to get the spicy salt and pepper shrimp.  I had a hard time deciding and the waiter offered to surprise me.  Great choice!!!! 


July 2014 202

July 2014 209

July 2014 211

July 2014 213

July 2014 217

July 2014 223 copy

We dropped CeeCee and John back at the house after dinner and headed to the new Havana Bar at The Pearl for dessert (including beachside s’mores and a bacon sampler) and cocktails.  We were super excited to meet up with Paige and two of her littles, and we got to visit with bestie E and her sweet mother for a bit too!!!


photo 1 (15)  photo 3 (14)

photo 2 (4)

photo 4 (11)

photo 5 (11)

I seriously love beach week!!!



Rainy Rosemary

Our first full day at the beach was pretty dreary but we made the most of it – running outside every time there was a ray of sunshine.  I ran the strip of 30A between Rosemary and Alys beaches and it was such a wonderful diversion from my usual routes.  Although I felt like I had whip last from rubbernecking as I ran past all the lovely beach houses.

photo 1 (14)

All of the littles were excited to finally see Planes Fire & Rescue.  We promised them it would happen during beach week but didn’t figure it would be quite so soon.  Afterwards Cookie and Bird begged to go by Target to see if they could find Firefighter Dusty’s and I was all to happy to get a real toy for the kid (as opposed to more Pokemon cards.)

photo 2 (12) 
We love love love that our house this year has a big fenced backyard and a hot tub.  We’ve already logged quite a few dips, laughs and drinks in just two days.  And we all are still laughing that Honey packed a cooler to take to the back yard.

July 2014 159

July 2014 160  July 2014 162   July 2014 165 
We biked to the new Donut Hole for din din.  Everyone agreed that it was yummmmmmyyyyy!!  They serve breakfast, sandwiches and a few salads all day long and the donut and dessert cases are pretty mouth watering.  We brought home a key lime pie for Sister’s birthday.

photo 3 (13)

photo 4 (10)

photo 1 (13)  photo 2 (11)  photo 3 (12)   photo 5 (10)

Since we all returned home in a food coma, it was pretty much the end of the evening.  Much more beach fun to come…


Beach Bound Bikini Bottom Bars

We are finally putting the pedal to metal and heading down south for beach trip 2014!!!  We’ve been awaiting this week ever since we left last year :-)  I packed some special treats, straight from Bikini Bottom, for the littles in the car…


July 2014 146 copy

Aren’t those the cutest?!?!  Let it suffice to say that I’ve got three huge SpongeBob fans in the house.  Honey included, of course.  I employed the new SpongeBob Fruity Blast cereal in a traditional marshmallow bar recipe…


Bikini Bottom Bars

1/4 c butter

1 bag mini marshmallows

6 c SpongeBob cereal

Square and star cookie cutters

Candy eyes (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc.)

Black icing

White icing


1. Spray a small rectangular pan.  In a large bowl, microwave butter and marshmallows uncovered for 2 mins or until melted.  Stir in cereal.  With greased hands, press mixture into prepared pan.  Cool.  Using cookie cutters, cut bars into shapes.

2. Decorate with candy eyes and icing to make SpongeBob and Patrick faces.  Store covered.



Before I go, I have a little PSA… don’t ever, for any reason, make the mistake of buying marshmallows at the dollar store. I was there and they happened to be there and I thought, why not?!?!  UGH – the stickiest, messiest, stringiest marshmallow bars ever.  That’s why not :-) 


And, just like that, we’re off!!


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Astros Baseball

So, I’m going to do a little bit of housekeeping around here and finally forever memorialize what was quite likely John’s best baseball season ever. 

2014-05-10 11.36c

He put forth more effort than ever before this spring and barely let anything past him as the Astros’ main third baseman. 
May 2014 370 copy

May 2014 391 copy

May 2014 404 copy

May 2014 410 copy

May 2014 415 copy

The Astros were beyond thrilled to take FIRST PLACE in the league in the regular season.  And they were really a great bunch of kids to boot!

July 2014 091

At the end of the season, the kids on each team voted for their choice of four players to represent in the All Star games.  John was beyond thrilled to be selected for the first time ever – it’s a big honor and he has barely taken off the “all star” hat since May!

May 2014 365 copy

May 2014 366 copy

Not only did he play in the all star game, but he walked away with the game ball too!!! 

May 2014 423 copy
May 2014 424 copy

His bestie O played too, of course.  They are the sweetest friends – always cheering the other one on.  I can’t believe they have been playing ball together since they were FOUR!

May 2014 426 copy

Now, not only did John get voted on to the All Star team, but his teammates also chose him to bring home the Sportsmanship Award!!!  In my mind, this is the highest award one can achieve.

May 2014 444 copy

May 2014 448 copy

See what I mean?!?  Regular season champs, All Star team, Sportsmanship Award… best season ever!!!  He’s still on the fence about whether or not he will play in the fall.  It’s 100% his choice and I’m excited to see what he decides to do!!  All of the World Cup madness has both of my boys thinking soccer.  Hmmmm….  if that’s the route we go I’m hoping it turns out better than the time we tried it at age four :-)

Now, I seriously must step away from the computer and start packing my bags for beach trip 2014!!!


Summer Style Soiree {Princess Diana}

The Summer Style Soiree is back – this month we’re going royal in memory of the gorgeous Princess Diana!!  Back in April, when I read on the The Daily South (Southern Living blog) that Diana’s favorite flower is the white rose, I knew then and there that I would use that tidbit for this edition of the Summer Style Soiree.

July 2014 102 copy

I was in a Georgia Tech study abroad program in London when Diana died.  It has stuck with me as one of the most raw and most emotional days I’ve ever witnessed.  We were on the tube when we found out and people literally were standing in the middle of the streets bawling.  Crying out.  She was truly the people’s princess.  In the following days, I took many a trip to Kensington Palace where the flowers were knee deep on the lawn for as far as the eye could see.  Her funeral procession to Westminster Abbey was eerily similar to the wedding procession that Mother woke me up to watch on the tv when I was only five years old.  Like so many around the world, I loved her from a very young age and I remain awestruck by her beauty and grace.

Now, back to the topic at hand…  the white rose is elegant enough on it’s own, but I used this as an opportunity to glam up the vase a little.  I mean, it can hardly be a post about a princes without a nod to the crown jewels.  I used a Dollar Tree vase, my favorite super fine and sparkly Martha Stewart glitter, Mod Podge and my new roll of (Haven swag) scalloped FrogTape Shape Tape to recreate my own version of As Mom Sees It's glittered vases.

July 2014 093

Cut a length of FrogTape to fit around your vase.  Remove the back and adhere to the vase…

July 2014 094

Using a small paint brush, apply a coat of Mod Podge…

July 2014 095

Pour on the glitter.  I used a piece of parchment below to catch the excess so that I could dump it back into the bottle…

July 2014 096

Let it dry for a a few minutes, carefully remove the tape and then sit it to completely dry for an hour or so.

July 2014 114 copy 
This one is going to  a special friend today.  But don’t worry, I made one to keep for the new family office.

July 2014 136 copy

And, I may or may not have done four more jars for storage in the office.  If you were sitting still at my house today, there is a good chance you’ve received a coat of gold glitter.

Now, the really fun part is that YOU are invited to link up your creations below!!  This inspiration can be applied to anything as long as it ties back to the style icon- think fashion, table settings, home interiors, DIY, crafts, entertaining, recipes- the possibilities are endless!

Summer Style Soiree 2014 Invite
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