Given my love all things Southern, I was just ecstatic to learn about Sucker denim.  A product of Charleston, one quintesential Southern city, these fashion forward "new South" jeans marry the timelessness of seersucker with the edginess denim.
I got right on the phone, called 1-To-My-Sucker (no joke) and ordered the Savannah (couldn't be more aptly named) boot cut jeans in Blue Night.  Much to my delight, they arrived on my doorstep this morning. I promptly took them to my seamstress to be hemmed and cannot wait to pick them up next week!
And if I haven't convinced you to run out and purchase the soon-to-be staple for all dapper Southerners, Southern Living named them The South's Best Jeans in their January 2011 issue!
When I was talking to the nice "sucker" on the phone, he told me they will be debuting white seersucker jeans for the spring. Sign. Me. Up.


Holiday Humor

As we wrap up the holiday season and enjoy the lights and sounds of Christmas for two more days, I can't seem to get this song out of my head...

Jingle bells, Batman smells
Robin laid an egg.
Batmobile lost it's wheel
Joker got away. Hey!

Except, in my family we have this weird tendency to make up new words to our songs.  Before we had children, we used our cats names.  Wow, that makes a weird tendency sound even crazier.  At any rate, this is what I'm singing today...

Jingle bells, Cookie smells
Bird laid an egg.
Daddy's Jeep lost it's wheel
Cotton got away.  Hey!

For those of you that don't know my family and our love of nicknames (I'm pretty sure only family and two besties even know this blog exists), this may not make sense to you.  Let me break it down:
Cookie = Whit
Bird = My nephew
Cotton = John

I apologize in advance for sticking you with this catchy diddy.  Tis the season!


Pretty Presents

Since the boys both celebrate birthdays within a month of Christmas, each year we give them one, nice item that we hope they will have forever.

Now, before you shed a tear feeling so sorry for the poor children that receive a painting for their birthday, please rest assured that between their party guests, grandparents, aunts, uncles and Santa they have enough toys to make me feel a little sick to my stomach.

To commemorate John's fifth birthday, we gave him a small original oil painting of the Tybee Island Light House.  A place that holds lots of memories for the little one already.  This gem is painted by local artist Adam Houston, which makes it even more special in my mind.
For Cookie's second birthday, he received the same gift that big brother did at age two - his bronzed baby shoe.  Since shoes come in pairs, Mommy gets to keep one of each (John on left, Cookie on right) and the boys each have one on display in their rooms.
Looking back, on their first birthdays, each boy received a sterling baby spoon and fork set in my silver pattern, Strasburg by Gorham.  I hope they have littles to use these one day as well :-)
For John's fourth birthday, he received a small, framed hard pack print of his large formal portrait.  Cookie will receive the same thing when he turns four.  Which means I still have two years to save for that...
And for number three, John received this custom Sugarboo frame.  We picked the quote "At one glance I love you with a thousand hearts."  While it has a sweet baby picture of him in it now, we thought it would be appropriate for his first dog in a few years, his wife in quite a few more and maybe even his own son (since W's don't make girls) one day.
While the boys surely don't appreciate these gifts now, maybe they will one day when they're off on their own and they will have a trunk load of things to start their own home with.  And if they still don't appreciate them then, surely their wives will :-)


The Many Faces of Honey

Yesterday I shared the unabridged version of our Christmas in Savannah.  Today I will dazzle you with what is one of my family's strangest and most humorous holiday traditions.  Each year starting at Thanksgiving, Honey (as I affectionately refer to my husband) trades in his handsome, clean shaven Southern mama's boy look to become the mountain man he secretly always thought he'd become "when he grew up."  In other words, he grows a beard. 
It's not the mere growth of the beard that keeps the whole family wise-cracking over Christmas week.  Rather, it's that Honey shaves it off in various, dare I say redneck, ways over the course of three or four days.  Like this...
Followed by this...
Which leads up to this...
And finally culminates in the return of the man I know and love...
Welcome back Honey! xoxo


Home for the Holidays

Today wrapped up a wonderful Christmas week in Savannah - full of family, fun and traditions...

We spent loads of time lounging around the house (after we ran the halls as fast as we could a few thousand times.)
We acted super silly and enjoyed each other's company.

We spent time on the dock - one of our favorite places on Earth.

We enjoyed the marsh.

We shopped till we dropped.
We played Monopoly Deal every night.  Daddy-O introduces a new game each year.

And we collected $43 in lottery winnings.  Daddy-O rewards the winners with scratch-offs!

We watched the Christmas train go round it's track oh, a few hundred times or so.

We oohed and ahed over Bird's first steps.

We went to see Tangled.

We celebrated no-more pull ups at night over lunch at The Pirate's House.

We played all sorts of games.

We tortured our children by making them pose for one million photos.
We partied with friends, old and new.
We walked the dog.
And the dog walked us.
We made our usual visit to Oatland Island Wildlife Center.

We wrapped (and later unwrapped) piles of presents.

We decorated cookies for Santa.
We sprinkled "reindeer food" (oatmeal and fake snow) in the yard for his crew.

And we wheeled-and-dealed with our brother when we ran out.
We found that oh-so-desired little blue box tucked under the tree.
We enjoyed a fireside date night at the Olde Pink House.... special to us as we dined there the night Ward proposed.
We marveled over coastal snow flurries (look closely!)
We spent time together, all nine of us for a week!
We were thankful for each other and all of our blessings.  

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night... I'm off to sleep in heavenly peace (in my own bed!)


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

He slept in undies!  He slept in undies!  Hip hip hooray!!

After months and months of prodding, bribing, begging and pleading, John went a whole week without a pull up!!  It is worth mentioning that, for the last six months, he usually would wake up dry, think to himself that he needed to potty, check for a pull up and leisurely take care of his business from the warm comfort of his own bed.  He would then take off the wet pull up and hide it in one of many creative spots in his room... behind the door, under the bed, in the closet, on the book shelf.  Oh, how I've missed the pull up search each and every morning :-)

For months, we have promised a trip to Chuck E. Cheese as a reward for changing this habit and achieving one dry week of pull ups.  Totally by accident he ended up sleeping in undies two nights in a row last week.  On the third night we thought, why not?!?  So, we knowingly put him to bed in undies and he still woke up dry!

Since the dry week concluded on Christmas Eve, and we are in Savannah where the Chuck E. Cheese is probably about as sanitary as a wet pull up, we opted for a fun family lunch at The Pirates House to celebrate!!

The Pirate's House restaurant is located in a mysterious building that first opened as an inn for seafarers in 1753.  Just a scant block from the Savannah River, the inn later became a rendezvous of blood-thirsty pirates and sailors from the Seven Seas. I loved dining at this intriguing spot as a child.  In fact, had my fifth birthday party at the house and I remember celebrating my mother's fortieth birthday in that very same spot!  

Our guest of honor enjoyed donning his paper pirate hat... just like I did so many years ago.   
The Jack Sparrow-esque pirate came by our table a couple of times and was quite entertaining!
I remember looking down the underground tunnels and imagining the pirates dragging their loot, and prisoners, under the road we now know as Bay Street down to their ships docked at the river.
It was a special day, honoring the most special five-year-old I know!

So, after saying adios to the pull ups, a week filled with praise and one great celebration later, sweet John did have a little accident.  My mom always tells me that we have to remember that raising children is a delicate waltz of two steps forward, one step back.  Seven nights dry and one night wet, I guess I can live with that :-)

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