Y'all, I just have to share what I find to be the most darling of all of the extracurriculars the PCP has dabbled in - TENNIS!  Now, don't get me wrong, the baseball uniforms are totally presh, and seeing him on the field with Honey just melts my heart, but it does like to give me a heart attack each and every time that ball comes hurtling towards the PCP's sweet face / shoulder / head / back / newly healed chin / insert body part here.  And, while swimming is certainly a necessary skill, the sweltering heat in that indoor pool makes me feel like the wicked witch and that infamous bucket of water.  As far as soccer, hmmm... I'm thinking.... well, I just can't find anything kind in my cold black heart to say about that sport just now... think Saturday mornings in July, running around in a bug filled bog for an hour and fifteen minutes.  Yeah, see the problem(s) there?!?!

So back to the sport at hand... TENNIS!  Not only is the required preppy attire right up my ally and just as sweet as can be on the PCP, but I can't see how one could possibly suffer any sort of life threatening injury playing this sport.  (If you know otherwise, don't enlighten me.)  And the club has a perfect little viewing veranda, complete with ice cold water, ceiling fans and comfy chairs, to wait out the hour.  I know nothing about tennis, but from my novice eye, it seemed that the PCP showed some promise.  And all talent aside, he had the time of his life.  As we say around these parts, if you had FUN, you WON!
At the end of his lesson, Coach C invited Cookie, who spent the hour clutched to the fence, intently studying the goings-ons on the court, to come in and help retrieve balls.  That sweet baby was on could nine.  And when Coach C had him partake in the last water break, you'd have thought he died and went to heaven.

All in all, I'd say that the tennis thing went much better this second time around.  You see, I tried out the sport myself oh, about eleven years ago, for oh, about a week or two.  I had a cute coach (this was before marriage gals), a darling outfit and sweet shoes, but seriously, I had no IDEA tennis required running, sweating and chasing a ball.  Three of my most dreaded past times.

Can't wait to hit the courts tomorrow.  (Don't I sound seasoned already?!)


  1. Too cute! I am a fellow Atlantan, born and bred. I read your entire blog today. Don't worry, my kids were at school! Your family is too cute, and seeing your darling boys in their smocked John johns made me weepy. My sons are 14 and 10 and have long outgrown the cute clothes. You seem like a great mom. Keep up the good work!

  2. I agree with you on the great tennis clothes and the safety aspect of that sport. My husband was so into football growing up but I am glad my sons are not really inheriting that obsession...think of the injuries there! My boys have been into golf and baseball lately, which I am completely fine with...golf has some cute clothes too!


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