Countdown Wrap-up

We spent the last 25 days on an alphabet inspired countdown to Kindergarten.  
Here's how we wrapped-up the countdown:
fly paper airplanes
pick up shells at the beach
catch lightening bugs

decorate cookiesexplore the creek marsh
go fishing
lie in the grass 
and look at stars

play hop scotch
Mimi and John tackled this one out on the driveway last week!

make and eat ice cream
bake pie in a 
breakfast at Krispy Kreme

learn to tie your shoes
As of eight o'clock last night, we are crossing this off the list as (finally) mastered!  He was beaming with pride!

roast marshmallows
go on a nature 

open a lemonade stand
Our lemon-aid stand raised a beaucoup of money for little kitties in need!  And we had great fun to boot!

picnic at the playground
We one-upped a picnic at the playground for a picnic at the sprayground with bestie C's littles!

paint a masterpiece with Q-Tips

learn the electric slide
I'm not sure he "learned" it.  But he had a hoot trying!

tie-dye a t-shirt

read under a tree
Given the scorching Georgia heat, this one was a quickie.  One book and done.

tend to our vegetable garden
have fun in the water

X marks the spot pirate adventure
We hid a huge one-hundred piece pirate puzzle under the living room sofa with a paper with an "x" on it marking the spot.  After the PCP hunted down the treasure, we put the puzzle together!

man in the yellow hat movie
use the zip-line

One more day, y'all.  ONE MORE DAY.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....

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