Messages from Mickey {2011 Edition}

Over the last seven months, I've sporadically scoured the internet and polled anyone and everyone I know that's been to Disney for tips and tricks to making the most magical vacation possible while saving a dime where we can.  Somewhere along the way, I picked up a tip that it's a great idea to purchase a few "souvenir" items in advance in hopes of saving a little money from purchasing things in every shop we pass in park.

Each day of our stay, the littles will receive a note and gift from the big mouse himself.
I sized the notecards at 4"x6" so that they'll fit right in our Disney memory books, and used the same Brady Bunch and Waltograph fonts from the signature books and matching game.  As luck would have it, I had a bunch of red bags on hand from the PCP's Elmo party that I've pre-wrapped the gifts in.

Day 1 - Glow sticks and wand holder (Dollar Tree) to use when watching fireworks from resort
Day 2 - Lollipop (WalMart clearance for $0.10) and watch (Dollar Tree)
Day 3 - Pez (Dollar Tree) and Silly Bandz (WalMart - 4 packs for $4)
Day 4 - Puzzle (Dollar Tree) and lollipop (WalMart clearance for $0.10)
Day 5 - A note saying they can pick a souvenir at the park!

So we don't plan to purchase any souvenirs until the last day.  You know what they say about the best laid plans.  If this works, and I think they are gullible young enough that it will, it's an idea worth way more than the ten dollars it cost us.

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  1. Oh you are so organized and creative, your little ones will love their trip to see Mickey. My three grandchildren have all loved everything Mickey!

  2. You are a smart lady! The souvenirs at Disney are so expensive. Your children will love this.

  3. I love the gift a day idea! And I am glad to know I am not the only one who is addicted to dollar tree. :) I think you have our whole Mickey collection except the little figurines. Though I think our puzzles were soccer instead of football.

    We picked up plush Mickey's at Walmart before our trip for the boys. We gave them to them the first night. Every time we passed a store with plush animals they would excitedly point out that they had a plush Mickey, too! The only thing they asked for on our whole 10 day trip was some bath toys (Lightening da Queen, and Nemo). And then we suggested that everyone pick out an ornament at the big store in Animal Kingdom. They were thrilled to put them on the tree at Christmas and remembered that they picked them out at Disney.

  4. This is a terrific idea! I love it. I am terrible about spending way too much at the destination but this is brilliant.

    I hope you can share your favorite post at the It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising


  5. So cute! We bring pre-bought garage sale Disney Items to the park to give to the kids, but I haven't wrapped them before. That makes it even more special! Last trip my little ones got dolls, dress up costumes and more (all purchased for less than $10.00 for everything) I will have to keep these bags in mind for our next trip!

  6. oh, if this works it will save you a fortune!!! I m always sucked into expensive souvenirs that then make it home and are forgotten! :(

    I wish you a fabulous trip and can't wait to hear all about it! Take LOTS & LOTS of pictures!

    Thanks for linking up so much fabulousness to the Sunday Showcase & hope to see you again this week!


  7. What did the daily notes from Mickey Mouse say?

  8. Marine Mom - They were short notes about our day... things like "Hi ya, John! I sure was excited to see you at the Magic Kingdom yesterday. Pirate Goofy told me that you showed him your sword. Hope to see you at Epcot today!! Toodles, Micky Mouse"

  9. Love this idea. We're going in November for thanksgiving. Forgive me of I steal this :)

  10. We are sooo going to use your idea!!! We (our family of 16) are all going in November. We are EXCITED!!!!!!! THANK YOU

  11. This is brilliant! I love it when an idea comes out wonderful, and thrifty! You have lucky kids! - S Johnson

  12. How do you write Mickey's msgs. each night? Is it your handwriting? I love this idea in addition to the souvenir surprises I was already planning.

  13. Yes, I just write them myself but I use a "fancy" handwriting rather than my usual chicken scratch :-)

  14. Hi there, I just love everything you have prepared. Congratulations!!! I wish I was that talented. I am planning on doing myself my daughter's 1 st bday and was wondering how did you make those Mickey tags or where did you find them? Like thos white circle with dots all around and off course the mickey face!!! So awesome... So proud of you...lucky your kids to have such a creative mom.


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