Y'all, I am not exaggerating when I say that my baby can impressively wield a scooter.  It's his greatest talent at the ripe age of two.  

Said scooter was the PCP's Christmas gift from Sister and her Mister last year.  And the baby, at twenty-four months + two weeks young, mastered the darned thing.  He couldn't even see over the handle bars when he out-scootered his big brother, three years his senior.

January 2011
Eleven months later, the baby continues to scare the daylights out of me in attempting (and mastering) all sorts of acrobatics on two wheels.  [I die at his ensemble...skeleton pj's, spidey goggles and lime green crocs.  Bless his stubborn little heart, this is SO him.]  Rest assured that the second after taking these pics I snapped a helmet right on his little head.   
November 2011
And if his scootering career doesn't pan out, I think that attitude derriere en plie on scooter speaks volumes on his potential talent as a ballerina.  

Speaking of the baby... guess who just crawled into bed.  I love Saturday mornings.

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