He's Baaaaack!

Our friendly family elf, Scout, is back for the holiday season.  Yippee!!!  He flew in last night and worked his little elfin fingers to the bone preparing perfectly elf-sized portions of breakfast favorites for our second annual Scout's Snowflake Breakfast.
The littles could not believe their eyes when, coming downstairs for a regular weekday breakfast, we turned on the light to find Scout perched atop three tiers of breakfast confections in a snow, snowball and snowflake dotted tablescape.
A gentle reminder not to touch Scout was likely targeted at my favorite almost three year old.
There were miniature bagels with strawberry cream cheese, tiny powdered donut puff balls, pint sized yogurt parfaits, teeny buttermilk biscuits with strawberry preserves and (regular sized...oops) red delicious apples!!
And you know it wouldn't be a Snowflake Breakfast without a few scrumptious (yet somewhat naughty) treats!  Chocolate milk with whipped cream, sprinkles and candy canes and chocolate and sprinkle dipped marshmallows on peppermint sticks were just perfect.
Alternating looks of confusion and sheer joy flooded these precious faces.
While we ate, I did the honor of reading the book for the first time of the season.
There was loads of banter around how Scout likely spent his summer and how long it must have taken him to bake up all these treats.  A rare and memorable school day breakfast together indeed.

The decorations are up and Scout has arrived...Christmas has commenced around these parts!!

So excited for the features at Tip Junkie and Anything Goes.


Bird's Mama said...

Ok. Seriously???? This is just too much! Will you please adopt me and Bird? Oh...sorry Marm is you're reading this!!!


Katie said...

Could you be my mom? My goodness I feel so lazy after I read this. You are fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing...what fun! That is beyond adorable. And what time did you have to get up? We can hardly drag ourselves out of bed around here! Then I serve up cold cereal or frozen waffles!


Jackie said...

Katie, she can't be your Mom you asked me last week:)

Sorry Amanda Katie and I are BFFs in real life!!!

This looks wonderful!! I am sure the kids went to school with a FABULOUS start to the day!!!!!

Dixie Delights said...

Katie and Jackie - y'all are too funny :-) Love friendly banter like that!

Betsy - I set the table and had everything ready to go before I went to bed. The donuts and biscuits were just covered with saran wrap. The yogurt and milk were prepped in the fridge. Honey got up with the boys so I could pull stuff out last minute. We did allow a few extra minutes to actually sit down to eat...our mornings are usually much like yours :-)

Jackie said...

Thanks Amanda!! She is of my true BFFs and moving In a couple of weeks! So bummed!! Ohio winter and my fav BFF leaving!! Keep the oh so fabulous blog posts coming. I plan on copying your foyer console table this snowy winter!

The Young Family said...

I'm with Bird's Momma!!! I want you to adopt us for an occasion like this!!!! SOOOO fun!

jessica said...

So adorable! I might have to borrow this idea!!

Jennifer said...

I love it!! What fun!!

The Southern Housewife said...

Could you be any cuter! Wish I had stuff like this growing up! It all looks amazing!! :)

Danielle said...

Seriously so fun! We just did our elf party last Saturday! Yours is beyond cute! You should totally link up to my Christmas Linky Carnival.


Oh my goodness, this is awesome! Your children are adorable and the tablescape with the pretty elf centerpiece is fabulous! You are an amazing mother! This is beyond sweet and fun. Thanks for sharing. FABBY

Dreamgoddess said...

This is absolutely fabulous! What a super fun setting and the food looks scrumptious!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Wow! That is amazing!

Amber said...

Just popped over from TT&J! How adorable! This turned out so great.
Beautiful ideas!

Marigene said...

Wow, when I was little I never had a breakfast table this fabulous!

Megan said...

OMGosh I just found your blog and this is amazing! I think you win the #1 mom award! My daughter would have died if she walked down to this amazing table. She is seven and loves our elf. I hope it continues for a while.

New follower now. Can't wait to read your other posts!



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