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Divine Twine
I was beyond excited to have my first order of Divine Twine waiting in the box when I arrived home from Savannah earlier this month.  The 100% cotton eco-luxe twine comes in an array of mouth watering colors, perfect for packaging treats, wrapping gifts, adorning invitations and SO much more!  Sister and I ordered together, choosing aqua, oyster and cherry to start our collection.  And don't you just adore the little notebook bitty bag cheerfully wrapped in a bundle of Divine Twine with the Whisker Graphics business card tucked inside?  I do. 
Lux Fragrances
Y'all know the only thing I love more than a package is a present package.  So not only was the Divine Twine waiting for me, but I also received this sublime set of Lux candles from bestie R.  He has unmatched taste in candles (and florals and gardens and home decor and I could go on forever.)  Aside from the fact that these are some of the most highly scented candles you can find, they are presented in heavy weight glass jars with to die for embellishments.
Vintage Finds
I absolutely love it when Mother unearths some swoon worthy relic from the past (NOT of the Cabbage Patch variety.)  And it happens more often than you'd think.  So this trip I scooted off with a vintage Starland Dairy milk bottle and old film reel (don't worry Sister, there is one for you too.)

The Starland Dairy was once located in what is now the up-and-(hopefully)-coming Starland District that I've carried on about here and here.  From what I can tell, the dairy operated from the early 1900's to 1968 when it was bought by a competitor and closed.
The vintage reel belonged to Mother's father and is part of a set of two that were used for viewing old films of Mother and Aunt as children.  It landed on my living room bookshelf for now but I'm not convinced that will be it's permanent home.  And, would you believe that I was flipping through the Ballard catalog the very same day I came home with it to find their Film Reel Plaques?!?  Not only is it old, but it's architectural to boot!
So that's the this and that in my world today.  I'll have to update y'all later on my super busy day at the March of Dimes Walk for Babies, new friend A's girl's birthday soiree, a baseball game and the Camp Twin Lakes fundraiser dance.  I've got to get to bed before I pass out sitting up.



Keep Calm and Marry On

The day awaited with bated breath by Anglophiles all over the world has dawned.  And as the wedding was just getting underway in Britain, here on the other side of the Atlantic, Mother and I were up early making the final preparations for our own fete fit for royals.
Bestie C, bestie N, Sister, Mother and I donned our tiaras, noshed on delectable brunch bites and sipped on Paris Tea with a spot of cream while we reveled in the pomp and ceremony of the making of a true princess bride.

Our royal menu, marrying English favorites with Southern specialties, featured everything from frittatas and grits to scones and biscuits. 
A Ginger Orange Cocktail and pot of hot tea comprised the festive refreshments.

Armed with six hours of wedding recordings and a morning for just the girls, we reveled in the convivial hats.
Our hearts ached for the sweet sons of Princess Diana, who were surely missing their mum on this momentous occasion.
We were, again, awestruck by the beauty of the Westminster Abbey and swooning over the resplendent trees that adorned the grand aisle.
Kate's exquisite gown had us spellbound and we couldn't help but consider what it must be like to walk in her shoes on this day.
We were captivated by royal cavalry and carriages, and the throngs of well-wishers lining the streets of London and lawn of Buckingham Palace.
And the long awaited kiss(es) on the balcony was short, sweet and undoubtedly genuine.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge certainly make a smashing couple. 
Oh, to leave your wedding breakfast in an Ashton Martin driven by a true prince...
All the while, we played a convivial game of Royal Wedding Bingo, hoping for Barbara Walters to mention "mail order company" or "Kenya" for the win.
And since no soiree would be complete without a frivolous favor, I sent the gals home with mini bottles of royal wedding hand sanitizers fit for a princess.
It was a jolly good time and a gorgeous day in so many ways.  Now we are ready for some royal babies...
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In a Pinch

What DOES one do when neighbor A (not to be confused with new friend A) calls at two thirty to invite us over for supper at six thirty that very same night?  Show up empty handed?  Stop directing Honey on hanging pictures in the basement to run to the grocery?

Au contraire mon frere.

In a pinch, she makes do with supplies on hand, whipping up two scrumptious items to cart with her brood to the supper date down the street.  Here's how...

Strawberry Shortcake
Now, this delish dessert came about by pure accident.  Well that and the fact that I was trying to mix the shortcake while the littles were running like wild banshees around the kitchen island. I had planned to make the strawberry shortcake following the directions on the back of the Bisquick box.  But when I accidentally put in two times the called for amount of milk, and subsequently ran out of Bisquick to thicken up my mistake, I just poured the mixture into a square cake pan and popped it in the oven.  I cubed the cooled shortcake and layered it with strawberries and whipped cream (from a can) to make a striking and tasty trifle.

Brussels Sprouts
Scrounging around in the freezer I was able to produce two bags of the Birdseye steam-in-bag brussels sprouts.  I nuked them in the micro for four minutes, sliced them in half and then sauteed them in butter and fresh minced garlic.  It's one of our staple stand-by side dishes and ended up a perfect pairing for the steaks we dined on later that evening.

This almost makes me want to scrap all of my typical, laborious days long preparations to just fly by the seat of my britches from now on.  But not quite.

PS. Two of my baby birds have hatched!  They are so tiny that they can't even hold their sweet heads up.  Momma bird has been busy as a bee bringing them food and caring for them.


Clean Old Fashioned Hate

Clean, old fashioned hate.  It's the term we use down South to describe the long standing college rivalry between Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia.  While GT is clearly head and shoulders above those mangy bulldogs in academics, the college contention spans the realm of sports - from football to baseball to golf and everything in between.  So last night, escorted by my very own TECH ball playing alumnus, we headed up to Turner Field for a fantastic tailgate and the baseball series finale.
In spite of the fact that the Yellow Jackets are clearly the better ball players (please understand that anything I know about sports was most certainly overheard while eavesdropping on one of Honey's loads of juicy convos), we literally dropped the ball last night after a five game win streak in the series.  I assure you that the loss didn't damper the evening's enjoyment.
And I fully expect my dawg deifying friends to cause all sorts of a ruckus over this piece.  Hey, I'm nothing if I'm not loyal to the white and gold.
Go Jackets!


Go Tie One On

This Easter marked a momentous occasion for the PCP and, more importantly, me.  Somewhere between the ages of four and five, the little darling outgrew smocking.  *wipes away a tear*  I was in a bit of a pickle on just how to dress the angel since my go-to john johns and peter pan collared shirts were clearly out of the question.  But, as luck would have it, in a rare moment of practicality, I purchased a blue seersucker suit on sale at the end of the season last year.  Well, precisely six days before Easter this year I realized that that was all I had purchased - no shirt, belt, shoes, tie - none of the other parts and pieces needed to turn the suit into Easter finery.

Since, in my so-Southern opinion, bow ties are just THE quintessential accessory for any devilishly dapper male, I knew that's where I had to start.  Wanting something classic, yet updated, and wishing Honey and the PCP to match, I hopped on etsy to see what I could get made in my short turn-around time.  After convo-ing countless bow-tie peddlers, I ended up purchasing two in the perfectly convivial Cherry Moon fabric from Divine Domestication.  And I was just as pleased as punch when she hand made them to order and they arrived on my door step a mere three days later!
Tell me this isn't even a teensy bit MORE charming than the smocked ensembles of yore.  Married with a belt of red strapping (conceived by Sister while on a jaunt to the Army Surplus Store and resourcefully thrown together by me with a safety pin and two binder clips on Easter morning) and red Converse, I just couldn't help but be enamored by this handsome little being each and every time he caught my eye in mass.  And believe you me,  he caught my eye a lot with his never ending antics.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Easter suit.  Bike.  Whoppie cushion from Easter basket.  I'm up to something look on his face.  This IS the PCP. 
And it goes without saying that I think his Daddy is just the cat's meow.  Lord knows, I've been swooning over him for ages now.
Now go tie one on, y'all.  I'm meeting my dear, dear friend P, who I haven't seen in ages, for supper tonight!


Happy Easter Y'all

We began this lovely day with a quick pop-in-the-oven breakfast of bunny tails (Trader Joe's Danish Pancakes - you MUST try) and potato latkes before tearing into (candy free!) Easter baskets and ultimately heading to mass.
After a convivial service, it was time for our much awaited family egg hunt.  While the littles scoured the yard for candy, pennies and trinkets stuffed in eggs, the adults enjoyed bunny-tinis and deviled eggs (re-purposed from our egg dyeing session yesterday) on the deck.
A short while later we settled in for our Easter feast prepared by Mother and Daddy-O.  Pineapple glazed ham, potatoes, pineapple casserole, butter beans and whole wheat rolls. Delish!  I used many of my favorite standbys - white linen monogrammed napkins, mint julep cups and white flowers - for the table scape, and was beyond excited to use the stunning glass eggs and bird nests found on my Good Friday shopping excursion.
And finally it was time to devour the divine cake prepared by Sister.  If you know Sister, you know three things about her:  1) She does NOT cook, 2) She KNOWS good food, and 3) She can turn a store/restaurant/bakery bought dish from drab to fab in minutes flat.  So this sweet confection originated as a simple vanilla cake with butter cream icing from Fresh Market.  In about three minutes, she added yellow gumballs as a cheerful border and chick peeps to adorn the top of the sweet.  *swoon*  We immensely enjoyed our cake on the deck while the littles biked and played ball in the driveway with the men.
Happy Easter, y'all!

A Dixie Delights Easter:
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