A Little Red

Y'all, as I was looking back on pictures of our last week in Savannah, I couldn't help but feel a little red...

Exhibit A:
The baby dined at Social Tybee in nothing but his nappie.  Granted, Tybee Island might be the only place on earth where this attire (or lack thereof) didn't turn a single head.
Exhibit B:
We bathed the littles in the sprinkler in my parents yard not once, not twice, but every single night we were there.  And while this is standard operating procedure in my neck of the woods (and likely a contributing factor in our difficulties with Miss J), I shudder to think at what my parents neighbors thought.
Exhibit C:
Daddy-O flexing his muscles and making a spectacle of his (temporary) scull and crossbones tattoo at the beach.  You see, after barrels of grog on our PCB Pirate Cruise, one adult in our party (can't recall who) thought it would be "fun" for us all to get the pirate tattoos offered to the littles on board.  I'd like to propose that they re-brand this particular variety to semi-permanent seeing as I took off a good layer of my skin trying to remove mine and Daddy-O's is as good as new two weeks later.  
So what say y'all?  We evidently have a little redneck in us.  What good Southern girl doesn't?


Sea Camp

For the second summer in a row, John spent a week enamored by Sea Camp at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center.  I swear, he talked about the camp at least once a week for fifty-two weeks straight.
As a mini beach explorer for the week, John explored the seashore, countless sea creatures and the animals on exhibit inside (our faves being Salty the turtle and [forgothisname] the alligator).  Each night he impressed us with his new-found knowledge of tides, tidal pools, dunes, turtles, crabs, dolphin and being a responsible beach-goer.
After dropping the camper off each morning, we were free to lounge on the beach less one little.  And when I'm down one at the beach, Daddy-O tends to take over while Mother and I chit chat under the shade of our umbrella.  I fully expect we'll be back next year!  And the year after that I'll have them both in camp.  Good heavens, I can hardly fathom the day...


Savannah Adventures

Y'all, I am SO behind on this blog I barely know where I am and what I'm doing!   We've spent a total of about seven days at home this entire month between Rosemary Beach, Pensacola and two trips to Savannah.  We just arrived back from that second week down South and I'm bound and determined to catch up.  While there, we did what we do best when living behind the marsh curtain...

Spent time at the dock, under the dock and fishing at the dock.

Shopped like our lives depended it.  The deals of the week were a chic four-dollar melamine tray, a super-on-sale twenty dollar panini maker (finally, after months and months of envying bestie N's delectable creations), and a beaucoup of ribbon and paper embellishments marked down to a dollar a piece (clearly I exhibited no restraint in loading up the buggy with these gems...and I assure you that Mother was NO help at all in the matter.)
Refueled on pralines at River Street Sweets.  There is no better confection on earth.  I swear.  Not even my beloved Krispy Kremes.
Ran through the sprinkler.  Again.  And again.  And then one thousand more times.  (All while mosquitoes were eating me alive.)
Consumed (purportedly more than) our fair share of cocktails.  The refreshment of the week seemed to be Limoncello, Perrier and fresh mint with a strawberry garnish.  Light, summery and the perfect way to end an hour of semi-successfully attempting to peacefully put a bullish two-year old to bed.
Laid on the beach for hours on end with Mother while Daddy-O let the baby throw sand on him, splash him, give him something resembling an exfoliating treatment and climb on him like a jungle gym.  (Did I mention the PCP was in camp each day?!?!)
Indulged in fish tacos, margaritas and a couple of hours worth of relaxing on the front porch at Tybee Social.  
Watched dolphin frolic in the water off the dock at low tide.  (look closely to see their fins)
Snapped some pics under the pier at Tybee.
After a quick weekend getaway to the mountains, I'll be back and throwing it into high gear to get ready for SCHOOL!


No. 246

As I’m gearing up for my regularly scheduled Bunco night, new friend A texts me to see if I’d want to ditch the dice and join her (and her college roomie A) to dine at a new restaurant that their friend from college recently opened. That “new restaurant” just so happened to be No. 246 – the very same Italian-inspired, locally driven eatery I’ve been awaiting with bated breath for the last four months!! And that “friend from college” just so happened to be Drew Belline, No. 246’s very own executive chef and partner (he teamed up with Chef Ford Fry of JCT for the venture). Imagine the luck!

The moment we walked through the impressive glass and iron doors to have the first peek inside I was smitten. The space is fresh, chic and hip with an almost electric see and be seen atmosphere. Smith Hanes, the same brain behind JCT Kitchen’s swoon-worty earth-jeweled décor, left no corner of the place untouched. Think hand blown light fixtures, hand forged bar stools, chairs imported from Australia, reclaimed wood floors from Pennsylvania, custom antiqued mirrors… I could go on for days. It’s pure design genius.
On top of the divine décor, our meal was simply splendid. We began with the Toasts course: cannellini beans, wood oven roasted figs and house-made ricotta while sipping on the Saffy Darling cocktail (saffron-orange infused gin, Strega, mint and Pellegrino Aranciata).
While the menu isn’t extensive, between the fabulous company and cocktails it was decidedly difficult to decide on which drool-inducing plate to try. I started with the perfectly peppery arugula salad with lemony garlic anchovy dressing and fresh shaved parmesan and choose the half portion of Agnolotti pasta (sweet corn, local chantrelles, corn milk, humbolt fog and toasted garlic) for my main course. Both were exceptional.

At this point in our visit, Chef Drew joined us at our table. *squeals with delight* He is young, authentic, bright, humble and quite entertaining. I can only foresee fabulousness in his future, and if day number six of No. 246 is any indication I’m certainly not the only one that feels that way. The coup de grace of the night was decidedly the scrumptious array of desserts he cherry-picked for our dining delight. Think chocolate tart with sea salt and olive oil, blueberry croustade with crème fraiche, house-made coffee ice cream and blackberry sorbet and grand cups of Batdorf & Bronson cappuccino.  Are you drooling yet?!?!

Color me content because that’s certainly how I felt after one convivial evening at No. 246.  And I'm thanking my lucky stars I just happened to find myself in Atlanta tonight while between trips!
Photos sourced from tumblr, No. 246 and one from Duchess Fare.


Visiting B&B

After leaving Rosemary Beach, we made the short drive west to Pensacola to visit college besties B&B.  These two (and their two darling littles) know how to live!  While the rest of us stuck around land-locked and bustling Atlanta, B&B bootscooted to the beach and never looked back.  They spend their days on their beach and on their boat, fishing, frolicking and having a grand old time.  And we beyond enjoyed our three days living it up right along side of 'em.

Kids Park
Beach Bums
Cannon balls off B&B's dock
Swimming this morning, frying this evening
Stuffing the crab traps
Jumping off the TOP of the boat
An afternoon (and a few too many Bushwackers) at Pirates Cove.
And we also squeezed in a little shopping, a deep water fishing excursion, a few hundred jumps off the rope swing and a date night boat trip.

Many thanks to B&B for embracing our general craziness as it once again descended on your typically rather peaceful existence :-)  We're already looking forward to next year!!
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