How We Spent Our Halloween

After a month long count down, the big day didn't disappoint.  Here's how we spent our Halloween...

We overslept and somehow and quite miraculously went from bed to bus in TEN minutes.  A record by any measure.  Needless to say, the Halloween pancakes didn't happen.  And nobody missed them :-)

Armed with Hallo-wiener and Trick or Treat, I donned my witchy striped tights, black dress and spooky spider headband to surprise John as his class Mystery Reader today.  Except I mixed up my dates and there was no mystery reader today.  (Mrs. B is such a doll that she let me do my bit anyway.)
We lunched on yummy soup with Bird and Sister at Panera and then hit Whole Foods, Target, Michael's and a couple of SUPER fab home decor shoppes that recently opened in my area.  And we almost collapsed in a fit of hysterics when the pirate that carried our groceries out of Whole Foods nearly split his pants.

The baby misplaced my keys and, after a frantic search, we raced to tennis arriving approximately twenty minutes late.  (All that after last week's escapades when the baby locked my keys in the car and we had to beg a ride to and fro.)

We came home to find that the "Witch Mail" actually arrived!!!
We tooled around outside and the littles tore into Halloween treats from Bird.  (Oh, thanks for the BOXES of candy, Sister.  As I'm sure you can imagine, they were well received.)
Daddy came home early and played ball in the yard.  I almost caught up on Desperate Housewives.

We got on our Halloween get-ups.
Honey took the little's to Grandma Juju's house.  She was passing out five dollar bills to kids dressed like Mickey and Perry.
A crew of fun friends bearing pizza came by for a pre-trick or treating supper.
We trick or treated. And trick or treated.  And then trick or treated some more.  (And I have determined that kids these days need a trick or treating boot camp.  ie.  You should actually SAY trick or treat when you ring the bell, you should only go to houses with the porch light on, you should only take one piece of candy at houses on the honor system and you should not be out doing the aforementioned things... or anything else... after nine o'clock.)
We sorted out our candy, choosing five pieces to keep and leaving the rest for the switch witch.

The littles crashed.

Honey is watching football.

And I am watching Ghost Hunters Live.  A guilty pleasure and a Halloween tradition.


The Final Count Down

Tomorrow's the big day and we spent the final leg of our count down having all sorts of fun!
October 23: Spooky Sunday Supper
I shared all the frightening details earlier in the week...
October 24: Lunchable Lunch
Is it just my littles or do all children clamor for things like Lunchables?  The PCP was beyond excited when the Halloween Witch provided a lunchable for him to carry off to school.

October 25: Decorate Pumpkins
The littles went to town with markers on their mini pumpkins.  I accidentally deleted the picture of their lovely creations before uploading them.  Perhaps I can snag one tomorrow.

October 26:  Cookie's Class Party
Cookie donned his Mickey ensemble for his class performance and party!
October 27: Play Date
John went over to a classmate's house for loads of after school fun!

October 28: Monopoly Kick-off
We loooove to play games around these parts.  And let me assure you, the competition is fierce.  We kicked-off a weekend long marathon game of Monopoly Friday night and the PCP was the big winner at bed time tonight.  Of course, the game is now under protest (by me) seeing as the PCP revealed that he said "bippidi boppidi boo give me some of mommy's money" and somehow most of my money appeared in his hand when I wasn't looking.

October 29: Halloween Carnival and GT Football (and a cocktail party)
We costumed up and headed to the club for the annual Halloween Carnival, complete with games, bouncing, trick or treating, eating, crafts and a costume contest!
Afterwards we headed down to GT for an afternoon of tailgating fun with Honey's fraternity brothers...
And we wrapped up the night at a neighborhood cocktail costume party.  Where I took home the award for best costume in my fabulous 80's girl get-up compliments of new neighbor A's closet at the eleventh hour.
October 30: Wormy Sunday Supper
Our last Sunday Supper in October was teeming with terribly gross worms, of all things.  The littles thought it was awfully fun to dine on worm sandwiches and a wormy dessert brain.  To make your own worm sandwiches, cut hot dogs lengthwise into four slices and then cook per the package instructions before tossing in ketchup.  The brain jello mold was FREE (plus $2.95 shipping) from the Kraft Store and it went over so fantastically that I see many, many more brain concoctions in my future.
Tomorrow is the big day and we are SO excited!!!


Witch Mail

While at the post office last week, I saw a lady mailing a ball... literally ...a smallish soft bouncy ball with the address and stamps placed right on the ball.  After striking up a conversation with said lady (who surely wanted to just get away from me, my scrawling baby and his screeching firetruck) I was completely inspired to do something similar.  A little internet research later and "The Halloween Witch" (aka yours truly) popped these in the mail for the littles and cousin Bird.  Come to find out, you can mail all sorts of things that weigh no more than 13 ounces via first class mail and a couple of stamps.
These are 20-oz. smartwater bottles filled with a note from the Halloween Witch, a page for scribbles, a few orange eraser caps and ten Halloween pencils from the dollar bin.
I simply cannot WAIT to see the littles faces when they race to the box on Monday and find these inside.  Checking the mail is always a big deal around these parts.  And I'm pretty sure Bird will be awfully pleased as well.  Getting into a bottle full of sharpened pencils sounds right up his alley.

Now, I know you can't believe everything you read on the internet so I'll for sure update y'all if these actually make it to us :-)  And in the mean time, perhaps I should be armed with a plan b...



Spooky Sunday Supper

Teeming with bats and spiders and goblin goo, last week's Sunday Supper was the spookiest ever!
The littles helped set the table with black and white Spode transferware and Pottery Barn dessert plates.
The monstrous menu included spider bread, bat pasta with goblin goo and creepy crawly hot chocolate...

The PCP and I used one tube of Pillsbury garlic breadsticks to make the spider bread.  We cut three of the dough strips in half for the six legs and loosely wound up the rest of the sticks to make the body, pinching off two pieces for eyes.  (If I didn't have a helper that wanted to do things his way, I'd probably have rolled the five sticks for the body into more of a ball.)  Bake per the package instructions and decorate with a food safe marker.
Farfalle pasta with pesto sauce made the "bat pasta with goblin goo".
And dessert was hot chocolate and a marshmallow spider.  The PCP created these by sticking three large marshmallows on a toothpick and then going to town with the food safe marker.
Have a great weekend y'all!


S'more Halloween Fun {Free Printable}

Is it bad to say that I'm glad Halloween has almost come and gone?  It's runner up for favorite holiday in my book but sheesh - I'm realizing I don't like it enough to celebrate for a whole month :-)  Let's move on to Christams.  Stat.

Alas, I can't fast forward the hands of time so here I am making treats for the PCP's pals this go round.  He was beyond jealous of the baby's Pumpkin Teeth party favors but I suspect these S'more Fun baggies should solve that lickety split.
And since I've now discovered Scribd, here is your free printable ladies!  These were sized to top a 4" wide cello bag.  I had some technical difficulties getting all four of the first page to save right.  So, you just get two of those today :-)  And the second page has Halloween in an alternate font that I nearly used before I decided the PCP was more of spooky font kid than a scripty font kid.
S'more Halloween Fun Favor Tags

Anyhoo, stuff your baggies with a small Hershey bar, Ghost Peep and a couple of square graham crackers for  s'more fun this Halloween.

So excited for the features at Kitchen Fun with My 3 SonsThe 36th Avenue and Sun Scholars!


Pumpkin Teeth {Free Printable}

The baby had his Halloween fete at school yesterday and, over the course of a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes and one gazillion trips to the potty, we whipped up these cute little bags of Pumpkin Teeth for the occasion.  As was expected, the candy went over all too well with the sugar crazed two year olds and I just might have seen more than one parent chuckling at the label.  And speaking of *the label*, for the very first time, I am just as pleased as punch to be able to offer the Pumpkin Teeth free printable!  Use them as labels or just print on card stock, cut out and tie to your candy corn bags!!

Pumpkin Teeth Halloween Favor Tag

I cried a river when the little Cookie lined up with his class, proudly outfitted in his Mickey costume, to march into the gym and sing a medley of Halloween diddys. They can barely talk, much less sing, which made it all the more precious.  After the performance, the littles hustled to the classroom for sweets and treats and pizza galore.
I must note that since Honey started his new job this week and already had to ask off for various baseball engagements, he was unable to make Cookie's party.  When I sat down to show him the pictures he said with surprising nonchalance "Poor Cookie.  He's a lady bug?"  Hmmm...and I thought the ears were a dead give away.  I swear I married the most unobservant man on the planet.  Which generally serves me well (read: I can totally redo a room and it's almost guaranteed he won't notice.)

Cookie and I will be making and decorating cupcakes today as the PCP's baseball team could very well come home season champs from their game tonight!!  Please cross your fingers for me that that's the case as I would very much like to go to a little champagne and cupcake soiree at a local boutique with fun friend M tomorrow night rather than hitting the field and dining on hot dogs again.  Oh, and it would just be the bees knees for one certain five year old to come home with that gold championship trophy.  :-)

Now, cross those fingers y'all!


Girl Mickey (or is that Minnie?)

After about three seconds of the PCP's prodding, Honey and I agreed to step out in costume this Halloween.  And I'm soooooooo excited!!  *squeals with delight*

So, to go along with Cookie's Mickey Mouse costume, I'll be attired as "girl Mickey".  (Or is that just Minnie?)   It was a natural choice, given my current obsession with all things Disney and my newest set of ears.
I popped into the fabric store for supplies to make the skirt and had to make the choice to either 1) go the little-sew, total of $4 route and have a solid red felt skirt (aka "girl Mickey") or 2) go the lot's of sewing, $15 route and have the requisite red and white polka dot ensemble (a la Minnie).  Let's face it, it was the sewing that tipped the scale, not the eleven dollars.  :-)

I whipped up a "girl Mickey" circle skirt to go over my black petticoat using Made's great tutorial.  I assure you, it was crazy easy!  I followed the exact proportions for making the pattern and then I cut out some of the fullness of the skirt by sewing down the black lines as shown below...
Afterwards, I cut off the extra fabric and sewed on the elastic waist band.
Next, I printed out two oval templates for "girl Mickey's" buttons.  I cut each button out of two layers of white felt because one layer seemed too see through on top of the red.
And then I got super lazy and glued them on with fabric glue.  I fully expect Mother is dying a slow death inside at this revelation.  Pigs will fly before she'll deign to use fabric glue on a skirt.
And last but not least, I hand sewed on the rat tail.  Though, I suppose it looks more like a black pig tail.  It just so happened that the day I was sewing this little skirt, a package arrived in the mail from Mother with black curly-que shoe laces inside.  Go with what you've got, people.  Go with what you've got.
So that's that!  I'm beyond excited to trick or treat along side my darling little Mickey at the end of the month. And I see many more circle skirted costumes in my future...
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