Teacher Appreciation Class Gift

It's Teacher Appreciation Week around these parts and we've celebrated the PCP's two amazing teachers in a different and fabulous way each and every day.  Yesterday I set up a command post just outside of the classroom door and collected an impressive assortment of classroom supplies for Mrs. B.  The students proudly handed over everything from stickers and card stock to post it notes and markers.
And just after the last bell, the PCP and his little friend Z carried the big storage tub in to present it to Mrs. B on behalf of the class.  Everyone gathered around and excitedly took note of every last item in the tub.  (And I do mean every.last.item.)  Mrs. B appropriately fussed over all of her new supplies and was absolutely delighted with the gift.
Thanks to Mrs. B and all of the teachers out there that selflessly and sometimes thanklessly spend their days nurturing, shaping, guiding and instructing our children!


  1. I'm new to the blog reading world and yours is at the top of my list! Just voted for your party. Thanks for sharing your life. I'm a 3rd grade teacher and if blogs weren't blocked on our computers at school, I'd use yours to show an excellent example of "voice" when writing. Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Pam

  2. What a great idea for teachers! I just voted and wish you best of luck. Hugs, Sherry

  3. Saw you in the Hop! New GFC, and Linky Follower! Hope you follow me back


  4. Adorable! Thanks so much for handling that for us!


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