How Does Your Garden Grow?

At home, finally!! 

After two years of sharing space in our community garden, we are so excited to bring our fruits, veggies and herbs home to a sunny spot in the back yard!
April 2012 755

We have more space than in past years AND we can just step out the back door to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Here’s how we did it:

- After clearing the overgrown weed infested bed that previously resided there, Honey constructed three raised garden bed kits from Home Depot, giving us a 12’x4’ planting area.
- Honey constructed a basic fence of 2’x4’s and hardware cloth and painted it black.  We left a 3’ border on all sides to be able to easily maneuver inside the fence.  The completed size is 18’x10’.  The obvious goal of the fence is to keep out the rabbits and other large animals roaming around but it’s probably already saved our tender little vegetables one thousand times from stray soccer  balls and children in pursuit.
- The littles and I shopped for all sorts of organic fruits, veggies and herbs to fill up our plots.  After planting, we mulched with wood chips from our very own oak tree that fell flat out of the ground a few weeks back. 
- We fertilize with E.B. Stone Organic Tomato & Vegetable Food and in past years have used Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew to fight those pesky garden invaders.  I found both at Atlanta’s Pike Nurseries.
- I labeled our garden tags with vinyl letters.
- And, when the top came off the deck for the porch building project, we found a pile of slate stones left over from when the previous owners put in our front and back walkways.  We hauled a few over to make a nice little entryway.
- We’ve had two frost scares since planting.  In preparation, we thoroughly watered the garden and then covered the plants with newspaper tents. 

April 2012 758

We’re growing squash, eggplant, red and green peppers, three varieties of tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers and okra.  In the herb department, we’ve got basil, cilantro, mint, lavender, dill, chives, rosemary and oregano.

April 2012 937 April 2012 938

April 2012 763

It was honestly a LOT of work and took a LOT of time, but we couldn’t be happier about it.  We planted everything at the beginning of the month and have already watched our squash sprout from seeds and everything else double in size (at least).  We count the flowers popping up every day and can’t wait for them to turn into tomatoes and peppers.

But it hasn’t been all work and no play around these parts!  Yesterday sorority big sis and her littlest headed over from across town to play, lunch and catch up.  Just look at these two handsome boys…

photo (27)

And last night I celebrated THREE friend’s birthdays on a fantastic night out at a local pasta joint.

Have a great week!

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  1. I LOVE your garden! It is just gorgeous and you are going to be making the best salads in town. Thanks for linking up.

  2. The garden is awesome and even more beautiful in person! You all will enjoy it so much this summer! Loved hanging out with you and Whit yesterday!! Thanks again xoxo!

  3. I dream of having a garden like yours! I am your newest follower from the Networking Blog Hop! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  4. how lovely to have your own garden at last and look at the things you are growing!! Lovely. Good to have found you...think I'll follow along and see how your garden grows. Joan

  5. Lovely! Hubby has a raised bed garden too!

  6. Oh- I love your garden area. How great is that?!? I would really love to have some gardening going on this year but don't know if that will happen. Those little boys are absolutely beautiful children-but you know that! xo Diana

  7. Your garden looks beautiful and I am sure you must feel great knowing you will grown your own organic veggies. What a nice learning experience for the boys too!

  8. Inspiring garden. I am toiling in a friend's garden and we'll share the organic bounty. We are both never ever gardeners - blind leading the blind - but thanks to www (yourself included :) we'll get clue.

    Jealous that you live near old friends. Your cutie and her cutie can be buds too.

  9. Inspiring garden. I am toiling in a friend's garden and we'll share the organic bounty. We are both never ever gardeners - blind leading the blind - but thanks to www (yourself included :) we'll get clue.

    Jealous that you live near old friends. Your cutie and her cutie can be buds too.

  10. What a pretty garden. Love your urns too!

  11. I have had an herb garden for years and years. You might want to plant your mint in a pot. It spreads like crazy and can take over your garden. Also, cilantro usually needs to be replanted during the growing season. For some reason it isn't as hardy as the other herbs. Good job. I think you will really enjoy going out to your back yard and snipping the fresh herbs you need for a dish.

  12. Cominng over from French Country Cottage's linky party to say hi. i adore the tags you used in your garden ~ lucky you to enjoy such a fantastic garden to consume this summer! I host a garden party that starts up again next Thursday (May 3rd) would love to see you link up sometime! xoox tracie

  13. Such CUTIE little garden markers, girl! I love your herb garden and am so jealous. I have a teensy tiny yard, but try my darndest to get some good veg and herbs using containers!I would be super excited if you linked up over at my Anything Goes Link Party going on from 6 MST Friday till midnight Monday.
    xxx, Kim

  14. I love the garden! I keep nagging my hubby to get started on ours!

  15. Awesome job....just became your newest follower and subscriber! Come on by my blog for a visit and maybe even subscribe if you like! Have a fantastic day!

  16. This is such a sweet garden and one of these days..... I want to have a vegetable garden too!
    I start out the summer with so much vigor and enthusiasm with my flower beds and then when the heat comes and more importantly -- when the mosquitos start biting, I shy away from many garden duties!

    And the only place I could put the veggie garden is in one of the more bug ridden spots, so I have never taken the plunge!

    Yours is an inspiration! So neat and tidy. Can't wait to see it grow as the weeks and months pass!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Gardens are a lot of work, but looks like you have two cute little helpers. Happy gardening........Sarah

  18. Very cute! Pretty soon it will be a jungle and you will have to hunt for tomatoes!

  19. I would love to grow a vegetable garden!

    Linking from The Polo House,
    Ricki Jill


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