Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Once again Pinterest has come through with a simple, hello-why-didn't-I-think-of-that idea.  Just before the school let out, I sent the PCP in with a fresh copy of Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go for his teacher to sign.  The idea is to have teachers sign it each year and then to give it to your child at graduation.  (Note: I saw these at Target for $18 if you’re in a pinch.  I ordered mine on Amazon for half the price.)
May 2012 790
I completely welled up with tears when I read what she wrote.  I can only hope that the rest of John’s teachers are half as kind, dedicated and hard working.
May 2012 791 copy John, It has been such a joy having you in my kindergarten class this year.  You have been such
a hard worker and motivated learner.  You sometimes needed reminders to slow down and do
your best.  I hope you are and will always strive to do your best.  I will cherish the time I spent
working with you while you learned reading, writing and exploring math concepts.  You have
such loving, caring parents that want the best for you.  I hope you will follow their guidance. My
wish for you is a wonderful life filled with much joy.  Love, Mrs. B

How incredibly sweet is that?!

This pretty much wraps up any school related posts for the year.  I mean, we are on our fifth day of summer vacation, after all!  OH, but before I go, I must wish my precious nephew Bird a HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY!


  1. What a charming idea! As a middle school principal, I would read parts of that book to my 8th graders on awards day. Such a wonderful book!

  2. Thanks for the bday shout-out!


  3. We did that for the first time this year too! Just one of the reasons I love Pinterest!!

  4. I did this for the first time this year too! I am loving all the fun ideas on pinterest~

  5. Love this. Pinterest is the best! I am so happy I found your blog!


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