Another Ikea Chair Makeover

Almost exactly a year ago I attempted to show y’all how I spruced up a couple of nineteen dollar Ikea chairs with a custom, monogrammed, DIY slip cover
may 2011 024 (2) copyAnd coincidentally, I’m back three hundred and sixty-something days later with a second custom, monogrammed, DIY Ikea chair makeover!  Now, since I needed only two of these I went with what must be Ikea’s Cadillac of chairs, the seventy dollar Henriksdal upholstered chair with brown legs and the Gobo White slip cover.  (Note: If you go to buy these in store, the chair and slip cover are packaged separately so make sure you get both!)  I originally went in to get Harry because he was twenty dollars cheaper, but “Henri” was exceedingly more comfortable to my discernable hiney.  Here’s “Henri” out of the box and before the slip cover…
June 2012 003 June 2012 002 …and here he is today in all of his ruffly, monogrammed glory!
June 2012 012 copy I used Premier Prints Chipper in Village Blue for the embellishments.  This fabric was a steal at under eight dollars a yard!  I used two 8” strips of the 54” wide fabric for the skirt on each chair.  Mother neatly hemmed both the top and bottom edges of each strip.  Then, I pleated and pinned the strips to line up with the seam on the slip cover and Mother did a simple top stitch to sew them on.
June 2012 001 For the back of the chair, I cut a quatrefoil design out of the fabric using four bowls to get the shape right.  I then cut a “W” out of burlap.  We used Heat ‘n Bond Lite iron on adhesive to adhere the designs to the back of the chair.  We ran out of time, but Mother also always sews around the edges after using the iron on adhesive to ensure her appliques are pretty much there for life.
June 2012 012 copy Henri and his twin will find their home on our new porch, hopefully sooner rather than later!  Never fear for their health and welfare…they will be situated well out of the way of rain and they are machine washable. 

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  1. I can't wait to make my trip to Ikea...soon I hope!

    And I also can't wait to see your covered porch reveal, I know it will be fabulous.


  2. Awesome, what a great idea. Love it. HUgs, Marty

  3. Love the chairs. I was looking back at your den makeover. Can you recommend a company for baby shoe bronzing? Thanks.

  4. These are so cute. For your first Ikea chair make over how did you get your custom monogram on the chair? I have a custom monogram and I can't tell by the photos how you did that part. Did you have a company print it or fabric? Please do tell I love it!

  5. They look awesome, thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi. I adore your blog. I noticed that you have the indoor outdoor leopard rug from Ballard. Do you like it? I just ordered one and was wondering what it's like. It looks cute in your photos.

  7. Miranda - I used http://www.americanbronzing.com/ for both boys.

    Jordan - I had my custom monogram created at No. Four Eleven in Savannah and also had them do the embroidery on my fabric before sewing it.

    Kim - I LOVE the ballard rug. I have four inside and will have two outside on the new porch. They aren't plush for lounging on but they look nice, wear well and are pretty much indestructible with kids. I take the kitchen one outside and hose it off every now and then!

  8. Nicely done! I'm a sucker for monograms...thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  9. Very cute!! I love the fabric you used. Thanks for linking to the Open House party and have a great week.

  10. A simple change that made ALL the difference. This was a boring chair and now it's charming and so chic!

  11. OMG! IKEA? I am living in Stockholm and the largest store is about 5 mins by car from where I live §;-)

    TY for the good idea. I need really new dining chairs and this is cool.

    Happy TTT,

  12. How beautiful! I love this idea! I have a couple of Ikea chairs that I want to do something similar with! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Wonderful idea and turn out, it looks awesome and also very elegant. You make beautiful things so I am now your newest fan and I'm following you.

  14. Henri looks fabulous ... thanks for the "behind the scenes" on how you lined up the pleats!

    Can't wait to see him playing outside with his twin!




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