I Know I Can

The PCP is nothing if not confident in himself, his abilities, his knowledge, his muscles, his mastery of any and all feats…you get my drift.  I’ve said before that his self confidence is one of his most admirable characteristics, and one that fuels dogged determination to accomplish anything, do anything, learn anything…etc.  Another admirable, albeit challenging in the child rearing department, trait.  But I digress.

The littles were thrilled when I suggested we get skim boards (from Christy’s Department Store) to use on the beach this afternoon.  Here’s how the purchase went down…
Cashier: Y’all got the sex to go with them?
Me: Um… excuse me?  (as I turn 50 shades of red). 
Cashier holds up sex wax
Me: Oh!  The sex wax!!!  Well no, I’ll take one of those too.  How do I know when to reapply it?  (We didn’t wax boards back in the day.)
Cashier: When y’all fall off and break something.
Me: Gotcha.  (Make mental note to apply approximately every three seconds.)
But I digress. Again.
June 2012 546 copy June 2012 612 copy

June 2012 597 copy
So, while Cookie made a fort, blanket and sandcastle out of his…
June 2012 622 copy June 2012 619 copy
…the PCP spent three.straight.hours on the surf mastering the darned thing.  The day started like this.
June 2012 551 copy …and about an hour later was looking more like this.
June 2012 608 copyAs I watched him study the surf, try different ways of dropping the board and eventually start jumping on without abandon, I sat in my chair and my mind couldn’t help but flash forward to visions of what an outstanding young man he’ll be. 
June 2012 554 copy June 2012 634 copy June 2012 560 copy  June 2012 606 copy June 2012 632 copy
June 2012 579 copy
As the hours unfolded, sheer determination turned to sheer bliss.  When Mother asked him if he was telling himself “I think I can” when he started out, he matter-of-fact replied “No, I was saying ‘I know I can’.”
June 2012 590 copy

June 2012 571 copy
Memories were made at Tybee today.

June 2012 644 copy


  1. Fun! I saw your blog on the blog roll of Nana Diana and I HAD to come take a peek. Love it.

  2. Great pictures. Looks like a lot of fun was had. Enjoyed this post.


  3. I thought I was one to suggest getting the boards?!?!?!?!?

  4. Precious...I have pictures like this of my oldest riding his boogie board on our last vacation...guess i should post them...LOL I'm sort of a slacker

  5. "Tie" "Bee" "Island" ?! I love it! And I lol-ed at that cashier.

  6. Oh my, as far as the clerk's comments. Some things you just can't make up. blush

  7. wow, that kid is awesome! I wish I was fearless like that. I hope he keeps that confidence all this life :)

    Those are some great pics too!

    Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, here: http://onehouseonecouple.blogzam.com/2012/06/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

    yay you! ;)

    have a great weekend!



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