Oatland Island Summer Camp

The PCP just wrapped up his third year of camp at Savannah’s Oatland Island Wildlife Center.  He signed up for Amazing Animals and had a rollicking good time learning about all sorts of creatures through hands-on activities, creative crafts and wildlife investigations.   The highlights of his week were crabbing off the dock and holding Checkers the snake!

photo (23)

I adore that he has the opportunity to attend this camp each year, as Sister and I attended the very same and much unchanged camp for countless summers.   June 2012 664And if you’re visiting Savannah, the trails are open to the public year round with a small admission fee.  There are often special demonstrations on the weekends as well and a story time for toddlers on Tuesdays.  It’s a great place to entertain the littles for a few hours.  If you go, definitely bring a cold drink and coat yourself in bug spray.  I find early spring and fall to be the best time to visit.

June 2012 665

After one last beach visit, a bucket of Daddy-O’s boiled peanuts and hours more of skim boarding and sandcastle building, we are on the road home so that I can throw together a fourth of July party in three days flat.

June 2012 652 copy June 2012 663 copy June 2012 654 copy June 2012 592 copyAlready looking forward to our next visit!


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  1. ohhh skim boards...they look like so much fun, but I cannot maintain any balance on them. My kids loooove them though...even though middle child hurt his wrist in a fall off of one. Goes with childhood I guess.


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