Rosemary Beach: Shopping 30-A

It rained most of the morning so Daddy-O was a doll to go grab us two boxes of doughnuts from Charlie’s Doughnut Truck at Alys Beach!  You have to get there early (there was a line at 6:15 AM) because they only stay open until they run out.
July 2012 780
Always a model example of resourcefulness, Mother produced a tie die kit and shirts that she’d brought to entertain the littles.  They loved working on their shirts and can’t wait to wear them!
July 2012 774 July 2012 779When the rain let up, we quickly headed out to the pool for the littles to burn off some steam.July 2012 781 July 2012 785 July 2012 788 July 2012 789And with the little’s sufficiently tuckered out, Sister’s Mister drove Mother, Sister and I down 30-A to explore some shops.
The best of the best was without-a-doubt Beau Interiors at Grayton Beach.  Sister discovered this gem last year and I was chomping at the bit to get there this trip!  There were countless things that I could have brought home – I was pretty much speechless for the first few minutes after waking in the store.
iphone 1361 iphone 1363 iphone 1362iphone 1365iphone 1368 Design on the Gulf in Seagrove was also a treasure trove of inspired, albeit outrageous, coastal inspired decor.
iphone 1372And, of course, we stopped in the Lilly Store in WaterColor.  It has one of the best selections of any signature store I’ve shopped, has a great sale rack and carries a full line of mens and minnies too.
To repay Sister’s Mister for driving us around in the rain, we had to forego the cute cafe in Grayton for lunch at The Red Bar.  The last time I dined at this ummm…eclectic (?) establishment (complete with red string lights, velvet curtains, a papered ceiling and a disco ball) was so many moons ago that one person in our party used his cell phone as a spoon for his mashed potatoes and the rest of us have only hazy memories of the night. In all seriousness, the food is good, the atmosphere is unique and our chauffer was terribly pleased with his good fortune.
iphone 1371 Back at home we had time for the PCP to (legitimately) dominate us at Monopoly before our requisite trip to Sugar Shak.
July 2012 769
iphone 1375iphone 1377 iphone 1378Once again, Mother and Daddy-O stayed home with the littles while we headed out for dinner and cocktails.  Bentley’s is a new place in Seacrest and pretty much the only game in town if you’re looking for eats after nine o’clock.  In fact, their happy hour starts at nine and the guys were beyond thrilled to find seats at the bar with the British Open on the big screens.
July 2012 790 And that wraps up our last night at the beach.  This is always the most bittersweet part of vacation!

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  1. your family sounds so neat and close! you aren't, by chance, accepting applications to adopt a sister are you? LOL! such great memories for your kids with your parents, cherish the time you have with them... LOVE your blog :)


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