Rosemary Beach: Until Next Year

Today was our last day at the beach…many memories were made this week!  Before we hit the road home, I tortured my boys with family photos.  By the time we got ready, I figured the beach would be swarming with sun lovers so we took to one of Rosemary’s lovely tree lined walkways for this year’s picture.
July 2012 797 copy As soon as Sister snapped this one, the PCP and Honey made themselves scarce.  I got a few more of the baby in his sweet little blue linen smocked shortall.  It’s rare for me to be able to get him dressed up this sweetly these days.
July 2012 844 copyJuly 2012 878 copyJuly 2012 862 copy  Our entire extended family so enjoys our time together each year at Rosemary.  And I couldn’t help but take a little trip down memory lane…hard to believe how much the littles have grown!
July 2011
July 2011 764e
September 2010
September 2010 Rosemary Beach 232
May 2010
April 2010 Rosemary Beach 443
October 2009
October 2009 Rosemary Beach 681
September 2009
September 2009 039
September 2008
September 2008 Rosemary Beach 181
August 2007
August 2007 Rosemary Beach 465
With that, we're bidding farewell to Rosemary Beach until next year.  Next stop? Savannah!


  1. Beautiful family photos! A little boy in shortalls is so precious and you can only get them to wear them so long. Love Savannah!! Have fun.

  2. Where do you stay in Rosemary? We're looking for a beach house to rent.

  3. Such an adorable family you have! What great memories of the beach they will have as they grow up.

  4. I should have checked your blog earlier today! Maybe then I would have remembered to try to get some family pictures! John just left on the ferry home, and we won't see him again until we reach the mainland. Sigh. Maybe when we are back in October! Looks like you had such a great vacation!

  5. Amanda, I'm always so envious of your family photos! How do you get two kids to do that when I cannot even get one to do it!?! Looks like your vacation was a blast!

  6. Cindy - we rent a house on VRBO.com. Have stayed in a hand full over the years and all were lovely!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Really enjoyed following along on your vacation! Would love to visit there someday!

    Where did you get your pink one piece bathing suit? Loved it!

  8. Anonymous - it is from neiman marcus and is by ella moss. bought it on sale about a month ago!

  9. beautiful family photos... glad that y'all had a wonderful vacation!

  10. You have such a beautiful family! I love your green top in the first picture.

  11. we love Rosemary beach even though we stay in seaside. My sister got married there on the beach and spent her honeymoon there as we have gone there every year for the past 20 years, looks like your family has made somewhat of the same tradition. have you ever checked out the red bar in grayton beach? It is awesome and the food is great.


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