Rosemary Beach: Water Logged

We’re wrapping up another sun filled, fun filled day at the beach! 
July 2012 688 copy
July 2012 678 copy July 2012 679 copy July 2012 681 copy July 2012 682 copy July 2012 685 copy  July 2012 695 copy July 2012 704 copy July 2012 705 And, after picking up dogs from Dog Man Du and nachos from Cowgirl Kitchen, we completely water logged ourselves with hours more at the pool! 
photo (44)Craving pizza, we hopped over to Pizza by the Sea in WaterColor for supper.  The pies were delish and the littles loved playing outside while the grown ups finished eating. 
photo (46) photo (45)We wrapped up just in time to make it back to Alys Beach for Seaside Rep Theater’s production of River Cat and Rat!
July 2012 707 July 2012 709 July 2012 712 copy July 2012 717 copy July 2012 718 After the play, we spent the rest of the evening rolling down the hill and playing in the sand…July 2012 736 copy July 2012 738 copy July 2012 741 copyJuly 2012 748 copy July 2012 754 copy
July 2012 763
…until the last little bit of light had sunk behind the trees.
July 2012 721 co2pyAnd with the littles soundly slumbering back at the house, we stole their bikes and scooters and headed off into town for a dessert date night of Sugga Pies milkshakes and New Orleans Sno Balls.
July 2012 767
photo (43)I swear, there is no place on earth I love better than the beach!


  1. I agree............Rosemary Beach is a little slice of almost heaven.

  2. Your boys are so adorable...and there is no place like the beach! Have fun!

  3. love this area...and so glad to see you made it to the Coastal Living House....your pictures were fantastic..... what cite or agency do you go to for rentals here?


  4. one word: JEALOUS! i love rosemary beach and i love "visiting" it through your posts. i just spent the day at the lake house but nothing compares with the beach!

  5. Ande - We have always booked through VRBO.com. Read all the descriptions because not all are actually IN Rosemary Beach where you have access to their private pools and amenities.

  6. I am DYING to go to the beach for a few days!!!! Fingers crossed here. You pics are GREAT!


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