Savannah: The Beach

We spent a wonderfully cloudy afternoon rollicking in the waves down at Tybee.  99% of the time, life with the three boys looks pretty much like this…

July 2012 983 copy

…but occasionally I am able to snag a sweet moment like this…

July 2012 976 copyAnd while it’s pretty much a miracle to have two littles looking at the camera and smiling, it’s actually this one that melts my momma heart…

July 2012 977 copy …the two most precious things in the world to me - big brother confidently smiling at the camera and little brother grinning from ear to ear while he adoringly looks up at his favorite person on earth.


As an early evening storm rolled in, we wrapped up our day with our regular Monday visit to Tybee Social for fish tacos and margaritas.  The babies dined at their very own table (which was more a treat for us than them in many ways) and the PCP was introduced to the Mrs Pac Man / Galaga table game (identical to the very one we used to play on Friday nights at the Pizza Inn about thirty years ago.)

photo (51) photo (50) photo (52)Just five months apart, the two littlest littles are becoming thick at thieves.  Back at home, I uploaded pictures and wrote this whole blog while they preciously talked and played in the bunk room.

July 2012 985How is school already looming so dangerously close on the calendar?  I’m so not ready for these long days and late nights to end!



  1. So sweet! Yes, cannot believe Georgia has already sent kiddos back to school this week! I am thankful my baby (going off to college for the first time) has a few more weeks!!

  2. Awww...so sweet. Look at those little darlin's. Thanks for sharing,

  3. Do not mention the word: School!!!! Ugh!! It is time to RETIRE! xo

  4. I love your blog! Your family is precious!

  5. The pictures of your boys are darling, and the one of the little brother looking up at the big ~ it is precious! School is coming much too soon, and I'm not ready to send 2 little grandsons off to K. We better get busy and celebrate these last summer days. Enjoy yours!


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