Dreamy Dwelling {It’s Overflowing}

I was beyond flattered when Aimee at It’s Overflowing invited little old me to be a featured home in her Dreamy Dwellings series!  I mean, I’m keeping seriously good company over there with Reese Witherspoon and the Southern Living Idea House for crying out loud!!  So, hop on over and give it a look see.  Many many thanks to Aimee for the feature and for always leaving me such kind notes – she’s always a bright spot in my blog roll!!

It's Overflowing

It seems that all my good news is colliding in one day…and as if TWO super flattering blog features aren’t enough, I’m about to scoot out the door to an afternoon movie (resplendent with popcorn, goobers and cokes) with bestie F and NO littles!!



  1. Not normally a Kirkland's girl, but saw this and thought of you. Had to share. And, it is on sale for $23 on their website! Seriously?!

  2. Your decor style is PERFECTION! Thanks for sharing your home tour on my Dreamy Dwellings series!!!

    XO, Aimee

  3. Honeybee - you are such a doll!! Thanks for passing that on to me!! Amanda


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