Flick ‘n Float

Honey and the PCP have been looking forward to this annual club tradition all summer long.  When the original date got rained out, I’d never seen such sad faces moping around the place.  So, last night we finally blew up the floats and headed to the pool for supper and a pool side showing of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. 

photo (85) photo (81) 

I must admit, I thought it was one of Alvin’s better showings and found the soundtrack quite catchy. Between slip ‘n sliding, the first fall ball practice and the long awaited flick ‘n float, the PCP proclaimed it one of his “best days ever.”  Now, if only their ten thirty bed time had made for a sleep-in Sunday…  (why doesn’t it ever work that way??)



  1. My kids loved pool parties. The movie addition is a great idea too!

  2. that's so awesome!!! might have to plan one of these for labor day weekend:)

  3. i keep saying i want to set one of these shindigs this fall for the kids (we'll still be in 90 degree heat for a few months). Looks like they had a ball - and no, it never does make them sleep in. Until they hit the magical age of 12 and then you can't drag 'em out of bed.

  4. Our boys are HUGE fans of the movies at the pool as well. That's actually how we spent our Friday night - catching the Lorax at our community pool. Though like you, that didn't stop our duo from popping out of bed at the crack of dawn either.

    I know they think they don't needs those naps anymore, but I could sure use one! :)


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