Forever Changed

Today I’m mourning the loss of the PCP’s first front and center tooth and, consequently, his forever changed smile.  He lost a few teeth on the bottom over the course of the last year and those were all call for celebration.  But this one is different. 

August 2012 645 copy

I love every square inch of that child, but that smile with those sweet little pearly whites all lined up in a perfect row was one of my most favorite sights in the world.  And knowing that I’ll never see it again makes me terribly sad.

August 2012 470 copy

I did manage to pull myself out of the doldrums long enough to craft an appearance from Pete the Pirate Fairy.  Honey helped the PCP tuck his incisor into the “Tooth Chest” Mimi gave him last year (the impetus of Pete himself) and the sweet child fell fast asleep in spite of his best efforts to finally see the fairy at work.  While Honey searched the house for a dollar bill, I set to work in the boys’ room.  Pete’s modus operandi is 1) to leave the window through which he entered all askew, 2) to carelessly drop gold coin and treasure all over the room, and 3) to leave a pint sized note scrawled in pirate hand.

August 2012 636 August 2012 639 August 2012 642

Seeing as we once again had zero cash on a tooth fairy night, Honey loaded up the chest with silver coins and batting cage tokens.  The note read “John, Me Matey – I hereby pronounce ye ‘snaggle-tooth’.  I hope ye love silver coin as much as we scallywags!  Godspeed! Pete the Pirate Fairy”

August 2012 641

(Yes, he’s sleeping in a polo shirt, strange child.  A battle not worth fighting.)

August 2012 643 Godspeed, indeed.



  1. Oh that is so sweet Amanda! My daughter lost her first tooth last week and I think it traumatized me. LOL! She's our youngest and that makes it even harder. Sniff, sniff...we'll commiserate together ok? ;-)


    P.S. LOVE the pirate tradition!

  2. Amanda, this is the sweetest thing ever! What a creative idea! I love it!

  3. So nice to know we weren't the only parents who would scrounge for cash for the tooth fairy. My daughter got anywhere from a few dollars to $20 depending on what we had on us! She believed until we moved when she was in 4th grade. She was helping my husband clean out a chest we put in his office instead of our room as we had in the other house and she found her teeth. The secret was out. Somehow I was able to hang onto Santa and the Easter Bunny for one more year after that!

  4. I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now (and going back and reading old posts too) and I love it! Just wanted to leave a comment since I haven't yet. I love the pirate tooth fairy tradition! Thanks for the great blog!! Meredith

  5. This brings back such sweet memories. I hate to admit it but I still have the tooth fairy pillow I used for my baby boy (now 37!) with his tooth still in it!

    But I still love his smile!

  6. Ah, the time finally came! He is still handsome as the devil, tooth or not!

  7. He is so stinkin cute.....so cute...and you are so stinkin creative! What lucky boys ......

  8. How adorable!! I love this idea...and I'm sure he does. Such a sweet touch for a precious boy!


  9. How adorable!! I love this idea...and I'm sure he does. Such a sweet touch for a precious boy!


  10. LOVE, love, LOVE your adorable blog and your chic style!

    Your newest follower ;)

  11. Just found your blog through Kelly at Talk of the House. My son, also the youngest, lost his two front teeth two summers ago and I felt the same way...it was a bit of a loss! But your little guy is so handsome and he'll "grow into" his new teeth! Also, you have a gorgeous home and style. You had me with the china plates on the walls! I love that look too...I have 4 plates waiting to be hung over my dressing table (after coffee) and then I'll be back to look at more of your posts =) Have a great day!

  12. Bless it!

    My youngest has lost two on the bottom so far...I know it won't be long before those top, front & centers start wiggling & it is going to slay me!!

    Why can't they just stay little?? ;)

  13. What a sweet story, Amanda! I remember those fun days. I still have my kids baby teeth... in my jewelry box!
    LOVED your post on Kim's!


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