Happy FORTY-THIRD anniversary to Mother and Daddy-O!!

2003 952 Wedding 044

I hope you spend the day savoring your Starbucks, sunning at the beach and dining at the Pink House.  (Who am I kidding, of course you will!)


So much love for both of you…



Ron said...

Happy 43rd, Dotti & Charlie! Cheers to many more!!! xo

Gabi said...

So crazy, but my Mother's wedding outfit looked just like that ;)

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

What hip and groovy parents you have!


Teresa said...

True Beauty Ages well.
Cheers to many, and loving, more.
you're Blessed and so are they.
Have a Nice Day!

CAS said...

Happy Anniversary to your sweet parents, Amanda. The Man & I celebrated 43 years this past June. So, okay, one of your blog fans is old enough to be your Mom -- it's a "good thing," right?


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