TECH Fan Day

The littles were beyond excited to attend their very first Fan Day at Georgia Tech.  They were already beside themselves with the bounce houses and free throw areas, so meeting the football team, cheerleaders, dance team and Buzz was just the icing on the cake!

August 2012 322 copy

August 2012 320 copy  August 2012 323 copy August 2012 330 copy August 2012 331 copy August 2012 341 copy When they opened up the field to meet the players and get signatures, we went straight to meet the quarterbacks.  With Vad Lee #2.

August 2012 348 copy Next up was the defensive line, “the biggest, strongest and meanest on the field” according to Honey.  They were having such a fun time, dancing, making jokes and really enamoring the kids that this was by far our favorite tent.  Cookie was completely star struck and could barely give high fives or tell them his name.  John, on the other hand, was brimming with confidence – even going so far as to ask if they would like to see his muscles.  Mercy…that child slays me.  With Anthony Williams #56 and Jimmie Kitchen #98.

August 2012 357 copy August 2012 358 copy Like the princesses at Disney, the baby was terrified of the cheerleaders and dance team.  It took a whole lot of coercing to get him to pose nicely with them.

August 2012 356 copy August 2012 361 copy Buzz, on the other hand, could have hung the moon as far as he was concerned.

August 2012 363 copy They left with t-shirts full of signatures and memories that will last a lifetime.  Such a fun and special day!

August 2012 365 The baby, of course, has yet to take off his shirt.  I guess I’m going to have to sneak it off him in his sleep to get it clean :-)



  1. Go Tech!! Hoping for a good year! We were at the first game last year to celebrate our wedding anniversary.(Only a Tech guy would think that was a good anniversary..lol) This year we are going to Gulf Shores...but we will be watching Tech on TV!

  2. What a fun day for the boys. Football just isn't the same up here :( Jackson starts this pre-season football on the 20th, so we will get our fix in that way ;) Can't believe it is coming up so quickly!! Yikes!

  3. Love it! We were there too! Kids had fun! Lucy was excited and waving at Buzz until she got close and she ran off crying! Jack thought Buzz was too cool! Check out our pics! www.leonardfamilynews.blogspot.com

  4. Looks like fun! Y'all play my little alma mater this year, but don't think the Blue Hose will give you too much trouble... ;)

  5. As an Auburn fan, I really miss the days our teams would play each other. Ever heard of the Wreck Tech Pajama Parade? I participated in quite a few of those!

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  7. Ok, first, this bulldawg girl will forgive you...bless your heart. In spite of that, your littles are darling, and look like they were having so much fun. At least you're raising them to be good football lovin' southern boys.


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