One Smart Cookie Reprise {Free Printable}

It just so happens that the PCP came home from school last week begging to make cookies.  And it just so happens that I had everything on hand for our favorite Chocolate Cherry Heart Smart Cookies. Aaaaaaaand it further just so happens that I realized were were about a month into the school year before every last one was gobbled up.  So, I bagged up a few in a brown waxed bag (Whole Foods), tied them up with Divine Twine, printed out an already made tag from last year’s Smart Cookie teacher gift, and had the PCP carry the treat in to Mrs. B the next day!
 September 2012 324 copy2

I’m trying out three ways for you to get the tags this time…
1. Click on the picture below, save it and then print it like you’d print any picture.
2. Download from Scribd.
3.  Order a personalized version from my etsy store!  You can put a different to: and from: on each of the six tags for $3!

Easy peasy!  And I know it sounds trite, but where does the time go?  Seems like yesterday were were celebrating the first day of first grade!

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  1. So cute...I try to make some gifts for my grandchildren's teachers. Today I am making my Fall Mix of Peanuts, Candy Corn and Fall M&Ms. I put some in a clear bag, tied it with twine. I found some cute small fall buckets at the Dollar Tree so I placed the bag in there along with a fall votive I found at Ross. I added some tissue paper and a note thanking her for all she does for Miss K. As a former preschool teacher, I know that it blesses a teacher's heart to be thanked by a parent or grandparent. I have really enjoyed all your ideas for ways to "bless" our teachers.

  2. Thank you for the free printable. I think these thank you presents to teachers are a kind idea. They have a hard job with having all those children in one room day after day.

  3. Such a cute printable! I've added it to my free printables board on pinterest!


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