On the eve of Halloween, we sat down to dine on brains, of all things…brains for supper (angel hair pasta with marinara) and brains for dessert (sugar free jello with a few gummy worms).
October 2012 434  October 2012 437
I purchased the brain jello mold last year FREE (plus $2.95 shipping) from the Kraft Store last year and, as luck would have it, they have the same deal going on this year through tomorrow only!
October 2012 438
While we were dining on all those brains, Honey was enjoying BBQ, beers and a tour of Georgia Tech’s new McCamish Pavilion at an event hosted by Hunter Technical Resources (a gaggle of our college friends started this great biz, for those of you job hunting in the ATL.) 
Brain pasta and jello versus BBQ, beers, Buzz and besties …yes, I believe I am a tish jealous. :-)

Still praying for all y'all up North...


  1. fun as always! may need to grab me a brain mold :) Boys are very excited for their mummy lunch tomorrow. Made the mummy hotdogs and pretzels this evening. I even included a plastic spider :)


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