Halloween 2012

Well y’all, Halloween 2012 went of without a hitch! 

We helped out in Pumpkin Centers in the PCP’s class (showing off his veggie monster)…
photo 2 (15)

Sister and Bird came over to play and deliver adorable Halloween treats for the littles…
October 2012 440 October 2012 444

We dined on a delish supper of chili, cornbread, tombstone brownies (thank you Mimi for the pans and such) and witch’s brew…
October 2012 461 October 2012 460

October 2012 463 October 2012 464 October 2012 465

October 2012 472 October 2012 475

We donned our costumes (Captain America for Whit and Shadow Ice Wolf Ninja…what on earth is that anyway?…for John)…
October 2012 480

October 2012 478

And we headed out TrIcK oR tReAtInG with the S family, the R family and the W family!!!  Our host A made the most divine apple cider to keep us warm - I've got to get that recipe!
photo 3 (12) photo 4 (6)

Wonder of all wonders, the littles were way more into getting candy than eating candy.  After just three measley pieces, they are already in bed fast asleep.  Now, I’m about put on my PJs and finish my annual Halloween week marathon of horror movies.  Thus far I have Carrie (great), Carrie 2 (okay), Hand that Rocks the Cradle (great) and American Psycho (awful) under my belt.  I know Honey will be happy tomorrow when he doesn’t have to go to sleep with his pillow wrapped around his head :-)

Hope y’all had a safe and spooky Halloween!


  1. looks like a great evening was had by all! My boys went out trick or treating with some friends with no adult for the first time! Yikes! They had a blast though :)

  2. Love the tombstone brownies! Will now have to find my own pan....


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