Christmas on the Porch

Once I got my inside holiday decor figured out on our first Christmas in the house, it really hasn’t changed much and I have only purchased or made a couple of new things to add each year.  Since this was our first year with the porch and since we use it every.single.day, I wanted to deck it out for Christmas! 
The littles helped me plant white pansies in the pots on the stairs.
November 2012 460 copy

I added a white fur pillow and fleecy throw (both things I already had) to the sofa. 
November 2012 463 copy

November 2012 464 copy

Sister helped me trim the tree in burlap ribbon (Hobby Lobby), clear glass ball ornaments (Michael’s) and oyster shells (left over from the DIY chandelier).  The baby fell in love with the tree topper at Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t say no.  He clutched it in his arms the whole way home :-)  I put mini lights and large lights on the tree and it looks gorgeous at night.
November 2012 465 copy

Our hot chocolate station gets daily use!  The jars with chalkboard labels are from World Market.  I bought them for the baby’s room but didn’t end up needing them.  The paper coffee cups and lids are from Party City and are perfect for a hot drink to go!
November 2012 468 copy

November 2012 468 copy 
I lined the oyster shell centerpiece with garland clippings and then filled it back up with pinecones, oyster shells and antique fishing floats.
November 2012 474 copy

November 2012 476 copy

Sister also helped me with the mantle.  Everything was purchased half of at Hobby Lobby.  I used two swags, a bolt of burlap ribbon, two bags of large pinecones, a strand of mini lights and a strand of larger lights.
November 2012 483 copy

The glittered reindeer is from Target.
November 2012 481 copy

The glittered monogram canvas was a quick DIY project.  See how here!  The stockings are by Mud Pie.
November 2012 482 copy November 2012 258 copy November 2012 484 copy

I used the vintage refrigerator basket, found at Habersham Antique Market earlier this year, to hold our firewood.
November 2012 492 copy

We’ve already spent many, many nights out here listening to Christmas music, sipping on hot chocolate and roasting smores in the fireplace.  It’s truly become our favorite room of the lot!


  1. Everything is beautiful! I love your new porch and all the Christmas decor everywhere! I always enjoy reading your blog. Have a wonderful holiday season

  2. LOVE the porch decor, Amanda! I would spend all my time there. xo

  3. Lovely as usual. If I had a porch like that I would be out there all the time too!

  4. Stunning as always! Any chance for a bow tutorial for the bows on the tree?

  5. The porch is beautiful! I really need to spruce up our back porch this year.

  6. Absolutely beautiful and festive! I'm in the Christmas mood now! Thank you!

  7. I love everything! You are so talented! I wish I could come over for s'mores!


  8. Very beautiful! Next time you are at Tybee you need to check out the oyster shell garlands at Seaside Sisters. Saw them this summer and thought of you. Julie

  9. Just beautiful! Love the idea of two sizes of lights on the tree...they look great (as does everything on your porch)!

  10. I love how it all turned out! Your whole home looks amazing! It must be so nice to be able to use that porch so many months out of the year. Today the cold front came here and we saw flurries earlier! Maybe it will motivate me to work on my decorations now...

  11. I love it! I would use it constantly too. All the Christmas decor looks fabulous!


  12. I love, love, love this space so much and the fact that you can use it this time of year is amazing to me. I would be out there all the time too!

  13. Lovely decoration Amanda! Coming over for a hot chocolate! :-)

  14. I absolutely love the tree with the oyster shells...so coastal! Looks great as always!

  15. LOVE this!!! I am always so inspired by your ideas..thank you for sharing!

    What section did you find the burlap ribbon in at HL? I looked in the ribbon by the fabric department and all I could find was very widely spaced burlap. Any help would be appreciated:)

    Take care!

  16. Alyson, It was in the wedding section where they have larger spools of ribbon. In my hobby lobby it is also near the silk flowers, moss and stuff like that. Hope that helps! A

  17. I'd love to know what you include in your hot chocolate bar. Is the hot chocolate pre-mixed, or is it powdered to mix for each serving?

  18. My hot chocolate bar includes marshmallows, puffed peppermints, mixed dark and semi sweet chocolate chips and the mix. I had a huge box of pouch mixes on hand from last year so I dumped those in the jar. However, when that runs out I'm going to make my own. I found this recipe yesterday and might use it:http://pinterest.com/pin/167970261073833203/

  19. Love everything about your porch! The mantel is gorgeous! I am a northerner with cold and snow, so a day on your porch would be a little slice of heaven where I live!


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