Fall Family Wedding

We spent a gorgeous fall Saturday up on the lake in Tennessee for Sister’s sister-in-law’s wedding.  It was a lovely afternoon and the first wedding we’ve been to in quite some time. 

I loved the bridesmaids gowns and flowers (and I think that Sister looked positively radiant).
November 2012 052 copy

The sweet little flower girls dropped fall leaves, which was such a thoughtful and appropriate touch!  Loved the little monograms on theirs sashes.
November 2012 058 copy

Bird literally RAN down the aisle with the rings in his precious eton suit.
November 2012 064 copy
November 2012 070 copy
November 2012 082 copy

And A & R made for a handsome couple.  They really put so much heart into the wedding and I’m so happy we could be there for the beginning of their happily ever after.  I DO love a wedding!
November 2012 086 copy
The reception was all of the best of fall… a chili bar, apple cider in mason jars, fresh popped popcorn from a vintage cart, caramel apples and DIVINE cakes (which are good any time of the year, no?)!  I loved the custom activity books for the littles and adored the cute kettle corn favors (packaged up by Sister no less.) November 2012 092 copy November 2012 093 copy November 2012 094 copy November 2012 095 copy November 2012 096 copy November 2012 100 copy November 2012 121 copy

November 2012 027 copy
November 2012 028 copy
November 2012 030 copy
November 2012 037 copy
November 2012 042 copy
November 2012 088 copy
November 2012 098 copy
November 2012 099 copy
November 2012 104 copy
November 2012 114 copy
November 2012 107 copy November 2012 120 copy
November 2012 122 copy
Here’s to happily ever after!!


  1. Where, oh where, is John's darling suit from?!

  2. I've had it for a few years... I bought it on clearance from Ragsland :-) So happy he can finally wear it! The shirt was from Kelly's Kids, I think, and I got the bow tie year before last for Easter on etsy. Thank you!!

  3. looks like a wonderful start to their lives...i'm helping my sister plan her son's wedding for next summer (already!)...we were planning on having it at the lake house but it would be too much work for us and sooo hot in july!

    but i'm pinning lots of ideas!

  4. What a beautiful family!!!!
    Congratulations and best wishes to the new Mr and Mrs!

  5. Thanks for sharing such a festive occasion. Here is to many more for the happy couple.

    Very clever ideas with just the nicest personal touches! Love the cake stand.

  6. Love the fall touches. So unique. What part of TN was the wedding? We aren't too far from Pickwick Lake.

  7. It was just north of Chattanooga...but I have no idea the name of the lake :-)

  8. Love the flower-girls and their cowboy boots!

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  10. beautiful fall wedding!! LOVE John's suit/tie/etc. ADORABLE!! And your sis does look beautiful!

  11. what a fun looking wedding. Love the boots. Not something one sees up here often. (or ever) I love all the personal touches and DIY things that were done. Makes it more special and also more budget friendly :) Love J's suit! Happy Monday!

  12. How beautiful! I love seeing what people do for their weddings these days! Sometimes I wish we could have another one just so I can have fun planning it! Looks like you had a fabulous time! So nice to get away too! I actually slipped away for a couple of days in the middle of all this hurricane mess! Nice break from reality! Thanks for stopping by to check in on our hurricane aftermath. I appreciate your concern. Take care! - Shelley

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