Mother Makes

Mother makes the most darling clothes for the baby and cousin Bird and I often fail to get them up on the blog.  When I unpacked the PCP’s hand-me-downs for this season, I found a slew of pants that were screaming for cute tops and couple of appliqued shortalls that I knew the baby would fuss about.  Here’s what she did…
cut the darling gumball applique off of a shortall and sew it onto a Target turtleneck
November 2012 132 copy
cut the baseball applique off of a shortall and cut his name off of a too-small baby tee and sew them onto Target tees
November 2012 133
made a lime green tree applique to match red pants
November 2012 134
made a brown cord gator applique to match pants
November 2012 135
made a brown cord dog applique to match pants
November 2012 136
Whit sure is a lucky boy to have a Mimi that loves to sew for him.  I’ll cry real tears when he trades sweet little outfits like these for the jeans and tees his brother prefers.

Thank you, Mother!!!  You are truly the BEST!!!!


  1. does your mom have a machine that appliques? i have done the same with my kids clothes too...great way to keep the "cute" while letting them grow up a bit :) i miss the days of shortalls and jonjons...:( i still have my charlotte to dress all frilly and prissy...she loves it too :)

  2. i used to do that with too small shirts etc. But alas, the boys don't even want that anymore :( So great your mom does all this! She is very talented :)

  3. Wow, lucky you! Those are darn right cute as can be. What a cool way to "recycle"! I'll have to remember this when I become a gm (sure hope it's soon)!

  4. Twelve years ago my daughter called from Rich's in tears....it took a few minutes to get to the problem. They told her they didn't make 5 toddlers. Her son was a "big boy".

    Once they reach "big boy" status, there is no going back. Enjoy them, as you already know, time flies by.

    Love the blog, you will be perfect or the Deen blog honor. Thanks for the gift of your time.


  5. How lucky are you!?! A thoughtful mom, who make wonderful shirts and a son who will wear them. My youngest will only dress like his big brother:(

  6. Love that your mom is repurposing outfits! how sweet!

  7. Adorable! How lucky to have a mother who sews.


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