Piedmont Pilgrimage

Mother and Daddy-O just left after a marathon two week visit and we already miss them terribly.  (It never does get easier to say farewell.)  While they were here we made one of the stops on the Piedmont Pilgrimage, the 10th annual tour of Atlanta’s best model railroads.  The working model railroad that we visited was highly impressive, and we learned quite a lot from its engineer - a fellow Tech grad retired from Norfolk Southern after more than 30 years of service!
photo 3 (2)

photo 3

photo 2 (2)

Between that and the bowling party and Bird’s surgery, we squeezed in countless shopping trips, dining excursions and household projects, and even managed to decorate my house for Christmas!  With the PCP in school for most of our days together, we spent loads of time doting on the baby.

He was in hog heaven when we pulled out the minky fur throw from the den…
November 2012 249

…he donned all sorts of curious attire for our shopping trips…photo 1 (5)   
…and he quickly became accustomed to guzzling down Mimi’s Cherry Cokes at lunch!photo 4

I’m not sure which one of us will miss them most :-)  And while we’re home blinking back the tears after their departure, I’m pretty sure they are luxuriating in the quiet and normalcy of their sweet life down South.

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