Disney Memory Books {2012 Edition}

I’d venture to say that one of the (many) highlights of the littles’ trip to Disney last year was meeting their favorite characters and loading up their memory books with signatures.  After our trip, they helped me choose pictures for the books, and we pasted in our Messages from Mickey and things like our Key to the World cards and Monorail Operator stickers.  I kid you not when I say that these are among the most looked at “books” in our house.  The baby falls asleep many nights a week with his clutched in his hands.  Sooooo, I pulled the file out of the coffers, made a few tweaks and have the 2012 edition ready to go!

November 2012 653 copy November 2012 654 copy

I personalized a section for each park and special event during our visit.  When we told the PCP’s teacher that he’d be missing a week of school, she was excited and super supportive.  She said there was no way she’d send school work, but that she would love to have him write each day about what he did and saw.  Given that direction, I added a lined page (the lines are hard to see below) into each section that says “A magical memory from…”.  We’ll do our best to have him jot down a sentence or two each night.

November 2012 656 copy

The last pages in the book are for signatures.  Like last year, we'll have the characters sign on the page with the Mickey and then paste pictures on the facing pages.

November 2012 659 copy

Here’s how the looked after we finished them up last year…

October 2011 074 copy

October 2011 077

October 2011 079

And here's how I did it:
1. Created the pages in Printing Press and sized them at 5"x7" to leave room for 4"x6" pictures.  I created my own mouse head from three black circles.  I used fonts Brady Bunch and Waltograph throughout the book and dotted all the i's and j's with a scaled down version of my mouse head.  (Have I mentioned how giddy it made me that both my boys have a dot-able letter in their name?!?!)
2. Printed the pages and organized them in the way I wanted the books laid out.
3. Laminated the front and back covers.  I use Lakeshore Learning for laminating.  It's self serve and only $0.39 a foot.  So, the grand total for the four cover pages was $0.39.
4. Had them spiral bound with a ring larger than needed to leave room for pictures.  I used Kinkos for this.  They bound both books for $8.

So, at the end of the day, my two signature books ran me a grand total of under nine dollars.  Not too shabby.
November 2012 782


  1. Hey there! Was going to email, but having computer issues. Sigh. When we were at Disney this fall one of the favorites was The Sum of all Thrills at Epcot. Not very publicized, but the boys really liked it!

  2. Please tell me you saw the Christmas Mickie Mouse peeps at Walgreens! Saw them in Dunwoody today. So cute!

  3. we are supposed to be going back to disney on christmas night. (leave home then) I may be using some of your amazingly creative ideas!! and the outfits!! they are absolutely to die for adorable!!!

  4. Jewel - I'm on a mission now :-)

    Gabi - thanks!!

  5. How well did your pictures stay in your books? I can see my littlest ripping those suckers right out!

  6. I was just wondering what type of paper you used. My bestie is taking her two little sweeties to Disney in June and I thought I might make them each a book to take on their adventures.

    P.S. LOVE your blog!!! I have three small kids and your blog is very inspirational to me to make every day and every event special for them. Thanks!

  7. I made these for our recent trip, and my daughter is the same way... it is her most prized possession from our trip! Thanks for the idea. I'm putting your link on my blog!


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