Gingerbread Affair

Cousin Jay was a doll to invite his “best friend Cookie” and John over for an afternoon of gingerbread house decorating and lunch!  The breakfast room’s candy themed decorations were perfect for the affair and of course Sister had the table smartly appointed with all sorts of confections for our decorating (and eating) pleasure.
December 2012 140
December 2012 142
December 2012 181

Each of the littles had a gingerbread house, plate of candies and festive drink at their place.  I adore how she used white cotton candy for snow!

December 2012 145
December 2012 146

December 2012 152 
Cookie and Bird spent the lion’s share of their time indulging in all of the treats while Sister and I tried to coax them into actually putting the candy on their houses.  I suppose it was all just too tempting to pass up!  The PCP, on the other hand, went to town decorating his house.  Mimi helped him with the icing but it was all a product of his imagination. 

December 2012 157
December 2012 163
December 2012 165
December 2012 172

We let the houses dry while we noshed on takeout from Figo Pasta – one of our favorite eats!  They all turned out absolutely adorable and the littles were each quite proud of their work.

December 2012 203

December 2012 186
December 2012 190

Mine Whit’s…
December 2012 192  
These three are T.R.O.U.B.L.E., I tell ya.
December 2012 216

December 2012 219

The boys left with darling party favors – Sister put cupcakes topped with gingerbread man peeps in clear party cups and then bagged them in cello bags with festive paper shreds.  Bird gave this same treat to his classmates last week as well!  So cute!

December 2012 199 copy

Here’s to hoping these survive another thirty-six hours so that they can be the centerpiece on my Christmas breakfast table…


  1. So sweet! Our girls will decorate theirs tomorrow night after Christmas service at church.

  2. adorable ~ I do see mama's touch in a couple of those houses :-)

  3. Adorable - and so detailed too! The boys look so proud! My kids decorated theirs at my mom's last week and tonight we attempted the reindeer head cookies...

  4. They are so cute! The boys and the houses! We had friends over Friday night for gingerbread house decorating - it even turned a group of teenage girls quiet - at least for a little bit!

    Would love a Christmas tour of Sister's house - please!

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Adorable! You can just see how proud the boys are!! Their gingerbread houses look fantastic!

  6. I think that creativity gene is rampant! The houses look great! So glad your little nephew is healthy, too. Merry Christmas.

  7. Future architects in the making! Their little houses turned out so cute and of course the boys are adorable.

    Merry Merry Christmas to you and your darlin' family Amanda!


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