Seeing Santa

Earlier this week the littles donned their holiday finery and we trotted off to Phipps for a visit with the South’s most renowned Santa.  It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the last seven years… you know, from lists hastily scrawled by mommy and cheeks wet with tears to lists topped with “my two front teeth” and giddy smiles abounding.

December 2012 003 copy
December 2012 009
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Our time with the jolly elf himself went off splendidly.  The littles chattered non stop as he carefully perused their wish lists.  Oh, to have heard the intimate details of that conversation!
 December 2012 015 copy2  December 2012 020 copy  December 2012 021 copy  December 2012 027 copy 
He really is a gorgeous Santa and we always look forward to this tradition when Christmas rolls around.
December 2012 034 copy
Seeing as our photo session went off so swimmingly and the littles were occupied with their candy canes, Mother and I couldn’t help put peek in the windows at Tiffany.  That first little vignette… *swoon* … and the Tiffany wreath *love* …
December 2012 038  December 2012 039  December 2012 042
At this point our excursion was so perfect and the littles were being such dolls that we popped into the Lilly store.  We settled the littles into chairs and I was nearly walking on air with my good fortune when things went completely haywire.  I am approximately two feet away from the baby when he says “I’ve gotta go potty” and just starts going.  Right there in the gorgeous tufted chair in the middle of the Lilly store.  A little part of me died at that moment.  I really can’t recall being that mortified maybe… um, EVER!  The Lilly ladies were sooo gracious and immediately started relaying stories of their own children’s accidents but Mother and I insisted on cleaning it up ourselves.  What really gets my goat is that I take the baby into all sorts of lovely places (think the WalMart or Citgo or even the playground) on a regular basis and he’s NEVER EVER EVER had an accident in public like that.  I seriously may never show my face in the Lilly store again…  (Much to Honey’s pleasure, I’m sure.)

*still blushing*


  1. OMG!!!! I would have died. Im glad they were nice and I am sure the chair is cleaner now than it ever was thanks to you and your Mom :) I only got to visit the Phipps Santa once when my oldest Campbell was just born, (now 11!!!!) before we left Atlanta for the Midwest! He is beautiful!

  2. Oh well accidents happen :-( . I would have felt the same way though.
    I remember the days and magic of Santa.We had to tell our daughter a few years ago.She was in 6th grade still believing.We did not want other kids to make fun of her so we had to spill the beans.The saddest day for all of us.But we still make it special for her.

  3. Oh, of all places! Just hysterical...well maybe not for you but you will definitely laugh about that someday! That sure is a great looking Santa! I love the way he looked over this lists.

  4. That is a great Santa! Your boys look adorable in their Christmas outfits! Of course, an accident happens in the Lilly store ;) Mine is still in diapers, but I'm sure I will be there at some point.

  5. Oh my! My hand literally went right over my mouth when I read that! But, you know what, it's all part of being a mommy. And, you will have a priceless story that you will get countless laughs from forever!!:) I feel weird saying this, but really, it's precious;) It's hard to be 3 mommy!

  6. oh my word that santa is fabulous! As for the Lilly store stunt hahaha made my morning -they should have said, "here, you can take the chair" ;)

  7. When I was a very young child, we attended a small church and the nursery/preschool area was behind the sanctuary, how I got to the pulpit area next to the pastor..we will never know, but my embarrassed parents looked up and I announced to all that I had to go "peepee". My precious Daddy got up and rescued me or them from any further embarrassment! You know in life...stuff just happens!! A story you can tell as the years go by. Your sweet boys are soooo cute..praise God for them. --Marti

  8. Funny story and just too cute! Don't worry, there will be more silly stuff like that to come I'm sure!

  9. Oh you poor dear! Of course now however, I will have to chuckle the next time I am in there!! And, have to agree... the santa at Phipps is by far the best in the South!!!

  10. The Santa pictures are so sweet! And thanks for the laugh!


  11. at least he didn't pee on santa ;) tripp had a chocolate fountain explosion at california pizza kitchen last year...i still haven't been back! i had to buy a beach towel at pb kids just to get him to the car...
    i love that santa and the "i love jesus" pin he always wears. my brother and i started going to him when i was 8 and he was 3, so glad we get to take our little ones; although getting an appointment these days is more difficult than seeing the queen!

  12. The Santa phots are perfection! As for what happened in the Lilly store, he was just giving you a little humility check after being so good for the initial part of the trip to the mall. Bless your heart!

  13. I feel your pain. The Priss tossed up her cookies one night in a store in the mall. Luckily we were in Forever 21. A store I had never shopped in my life. I quickly took my pashmina off and wrapped around her as she continued to be sick. All I could tell my friends later and they all agreed was "Thank the LORD I wasn't in Neimans at the Chanel or La Mer counter." How could I ever have shown my face again? Hugs to you! The boys looked precious!

  14. Oh Amanda, I'm still giggling. That was priceless...

  15. I think as moms we all have those embarrassing moments when you just want to disappear when our kids do something like that. The goods news is you'll have a good laugh later and the ladies at Lilly will probably forget by the time you go back.


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