The Oreo Cake

I’ve had a few emails about the oreo cake from the baby’s birthday party and thought I’d take a few minutes to share the details as this was SO easy and would be perfect for a new year’s soiree!

December 2012 172 copy
Helpful hints:
  • To fit on my standard 11” cake pedestal, I used three packages of Oreos for the two tiered “cake”. 
  • I stacked six layers per tier.  You will want to stack cookies in the center too so it’s an entire “cake” of oreos. 
  • Be warned that this would be tremendously hard to move so I would make the cake where you want it to end up. 
  • In the future, I would use a dot of icing to “glue” the layers together.  This would definitely make it more stable.
  • I carefully stuck the sparklers almost all the way through the top center cookie before placing it on the cake.
  • I used the red filled holiday cookies, but this would be darling in white too! 

Now, go forth and make the easiest cake you’ll ever do!


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