Twas the Night Before Christmas

We kicked off Christmas Eve with a trip to Krispy Kreme for hot glazed doughnuts! 

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The littles were enthralled with the animals at the living nativity before mass – especially the pregnant camel.  Mass was gorgeous and joyous and a bit chaotic with the baby’s THREE trips to the potty.  Alas, we didn’t want a repeat of the Lilly store so we oblige even the hint of needing go.

December 2012 234
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Honey’s mama had the family over for a lovely Christmas Eve candlelight supper and the boys were beyond thrilled to get to open a few early gifts.

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December 2012 235

Before heading to bed, we set out an elaborate plate of snacks for Santa.  The littles had such fun chiming in on things he would like to eat that I just couldn’t say no.  I suppose he will be thrilled to find a large plate of Krispy Kremes, Oreo’s, Peeps, ice cold milk and a bowl of carrots for his crew when he slides down this chimney.  Oh, and don’t worry, we have put the fire out so that he doesn’t burn a hole in his britches.

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Honey snuggled up with the boys and read T’was the Night Before Christmas to his enthralled audience.  I vividly remember Daddy-O doing the same for Sister and me as little girls.  We didn’t share a room but we always shared a bed on Christmas Eve.

December 2012 263

And now, on this night before Christmas, not a creature is stirring, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and I know two little angels are hoping St. Nick will soon be here.

December 2012 258 copy


Merry Christmas Eve, y’all.


  1. Lovely post! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. oh my word your home looks stunning with your decor and tree!! and your littles are SO sweet! love that pic of them w/ the book! Merry christmas!!!!

  3. So nice to see how traditions can be different in each hemisphere, keeping the same feelings of Christmas.Here in Brazil heat of 38 degrees, no snow but we went to Mass as you did. Have a wonderful New Year with your dear family. Cheers

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    Kathy Shea Mormino

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  5. Hi Amanda-

    Love your fireplace screen. Did you get it at a local shop or online? Any idea who the manufacturer is? I removed the 80's brass monstrosity from our fireplace & I need to get a screen up before we can use it.



  6. I see J is into Skylanders...A just got somefor Christmas and my head is spinning! Although he seems to keep track of it :)


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