Finding Neverland

Besties A & D hosted a positively enchanted Finding Neverland inspired soiree in celebration of their girls’ second and fourth birthdays.

I came out of retirement (only for the briefest minute) to help out with the invitation…
neverland copy copy …and A took it from there. 
There’s just nothing better than gearing up in costume for a fete.  A huge chest held everything from pirate swords to fairy wings.


The pirates and fairies loved filling up their Pirate’s Booty bags with treats and treasure from the pinata.
I could EAT.HER.UP.  Is she not a doll?  That being said, her two year oldness was in full force when she refused to don her little Tinkerbelle costume for the party in favor of the more traditional “birthday suit”.  One of the many things I adore about A is that she went with it.  No threats, bribes or even a second thought.  My head probably would have been spinning :-)  Take a peek at the exquisite fondant cupcake toppers – clocks, hooks, top hats and silhouettes of Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle abounded.
And that, my friends, is how we spent our Saturday afternoon.  We look forward to many, many more years worth of birthday celebrations with this sweet family.

Daddy-O is spending the day with the PCP.  Send good behavior vibes the boy's way as Daddy-O has an impressively low threshold for whining (who doesn't), failing to mind and general misbehavedness.  At the very least perhaps he'll instill a little bit of healthy fear of us adult-like people.


Porch Progress {Weeks 4-5}

With all the goings and doings to wrap up school, baseball and celebrate a three day weekend, I’ve been neglecting my porch progress updates.  So, here we go…

Most of the last couple of weeks were spent waiting on inspections.  Boo!  On the flip side, the roof is on, the skylights are in, the electrical is started and the exterior of the fireplace has siding.  We’ve been sitting out there enjoying the shade morning, noon and night.
May 2012 788

May 2012 784
The porch has also inspired us to spruce up our landscaping (or lack thereof) in the back.  I shared the long bed a few weeks back and I can hardly believe how much things have grown in such a short time.  And last weekend Honey ripped out the awful liriope in this corner bed and we added three divinely scented gardenias.
May 2012 787 May 2012 782 May 2012 786
In the vein of keeping it real, here’s what our garage looks like during the construction process.  Needless to say, Honey cannot wait to get his car back in the garage.  While I am beyond ready to get all this in place on the porch, I just might be more excited that the donation truck comes TODAY to pick up all the toys, clothes, bedding and random things just hanging around with no purpose!!!
May 2012 781I’m going to go grab a cup of coffee and sit out on that porch for a spell before the littles awake.  They wore me out yesterday - Target, the library, dominos on the PORCH, the pool and all sorts of outdoor craziness.  Aint summer grand???


Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Once again Pinterest has come through with a simple, hello-why-didn't-I-think-of-that idea.  Just before the school let out, I sent the PCP in with a fresh copy of Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go for his teacher to sign.  The idea is to have teachers sign it each year and then to give it to your child at graduation.  (Note: I saw these at Target for $18 if you’re in a pinch.  I ordered mine on Amazon for half the price.)
May 2012 790
I completely welled up with tears when I read what she wrote.  I can only hope that the rest of John’s teachers are half as kind, dedicated and hard working.
May 2012 791 copy John, It has been such a joy having you in my kindergarten class this year.  You have been such
a hard worker and motivated learner.  You sometimes needed reminders to slow down and do
your best.  I hope you are and will always strive to do your best.  I will cherish the time I spent
working with you while you learned reading, writing and exploring math concepts.  You have
such loving, caring parents that want the best for you.  I hope you will follow their guidance. My
wish for you is a wonderful life filled with much joy.  Love, Mrs. B

How incredibly sweet is that?!

This pretty much wraps up any school related posts for the year.  I mean, we are on our fifth day of summer vacation, after all!  OH, but before I go, I must wish my precious nephew Bird a HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY!


Memorial Day

First and foremost, I want to thank all of the men and women that bravely and selflessly serve our great nation.  I realize that it is not without great sacrifice that we have the rights and freedoms we enjoy as Americans. 

We spent our weekend at our club happy hour Friday night, at a pool day and cookout with great friends and old neighbors Saturday, at a fish fry with new friends Saturday night, roasting hot dogs and smores and catching lightening bugs while camping out in the yard last night, enjoying brunch with bestie A and then  just relaxing all.afternoon.long!
May 2012 815 May 2012 817 May 2012 820And now I’m sitting outside on my partially finished porch, while the far reaching effects of tropical storm Beryl breeze through the trees, feeling thankful and grateful.

Hope you all had a wonderful, long holiday weekend!


Beach Buckets

Remember this cute little “Have a ball this summer!” treats we put together a few weeks back??
May 2012 018 Well, the PCP had his beach day just before the end of school and his goodies were too cute not to share.  They wore their bathing suits to school and had a “ball” playing with squirt bottles and sprinklers!  He was beyond excited to come home with this…
May 2012 665 Inside were treats from his classmates, as well as the following things from his teachers.  So darling!
A ruler to remind you that there are always rules to follow.
A Hershey’s Kiss to remind you that you are loved.
A pencil to remind you that there are still many things to learn.
A marker to remind you to leave a good mark wherever you go.
A penny to remind you to use good sense.
An eraser to remind you that it’s all right to make mistakes.
May 2012 666
And since summer has commenced around these parts, I’m going to enjoy the quiet for a few more minutes before the littles have to get ready for bed!


Ten Months of Hand Prints

I received the sweetest little spiral bound keepsake book of hand print art at Muffins with Mom.  It was just too cute not to share and something I think would make a great gift for grandparents and Dad’s Day if turned into a calendar. 

I know you wipe some away,
But these handprints were made to stay.
So keep them forever, a treasure they’ll be.
A special “I Love You”, for you from me!
May 2012 094
The students did one hand print a month from August through May…
May 2012 098 May 2012 099 May 2012 095 May 2012 096 May 2012 100 May 2012 097 May 2012 101 May 2012 102 May 2012 103 May 2012 104As the poem suggests, I will certainly treasure these for years to come!


Last Day of Kindergarten Ever

Well, the long awaited day has come and gone and summer is upon us.  I was a mix of emotions on John’s last day of kindergarten ever…

Thrilled for the long summer ahead that promises to bring lazy mornings, late nights, pool days and beach trips.

Sad that my first born’s first year of school came and went in the blink of an eye.  And even sadder knowing that I’m just on the brink of many more years that will pass too fast.

Scared to have two boys home all summer when I’m a little out of practice at managing their antics, arguments and general hyper activity.

My varied feelings aside, let’s get to the good stuff…how we marked the milestone of not just surviving kindergarten, but thriving in kindergarten!
FirstLast May 2012 716 cop2ySister, Mother and Bird were dolls to pop over for a few minutes while out running errands to help douse the PCP in silly string as he disembarked the big yellow bus.  He was a bit stunned and took a few seconds to be able to react.  As usual, I’m sure we were quite the sight to our neighbors hootin and hollerin around the road, Sister's cast and all.
May 2012 755 cop2y
May 2012 762 cop2y Once he came to his senses, I guided him to his “kindergarten walk of fame”.  Using yard stakes left over from his cowboy party, I printed out his major milestones of the year and lined the sidewalk with his accomplishments:
became a math master
made new friends
rode the school bus
made loads of artwork
navigated a new school
promoted to first grade!

This only took a few minutes to do and it really showed him that we recognize how hard he worked this year and that we couldn’t be any more proud! 
May 2012 742 copy
  May 2012 736 copy He stopped to read each and every sign and was beyond thrilled when he sounded out “promoted to first grade!”
May 2012 765 copy May 2012 779 copy And at the end of his walk of fame, he crashed through the “Welcome to Summer” banner!
May 2012 734 copy

May 2012 771 copy Waiting on the other side was a sweet and simple celebratory snack!
May 2012 723 copy I reused the Kindergarten banner from the end of summer ice cream social and first day of school snack.  Other than the silly string (Dollar Tree), I had everything else on hand and threw it all together the night before.
May 2012 773 copy May 2012 723 copyWe dined on Trix Treats, watermelon pops, grape and blueberry push pops and mini tomato, mozzarella and basil (fresh from our garden!) bites.
May 2012 730 copy May 2012 726 copy May 2012 727 copy May 2012 731 copy May 2012 732 copy May 2012 733 copy And I presented the PCP with the same (but updated) medal that he got on the first day of school!
May 2012 728 copy May 2012 778 copy
After a few hours of relaxing on the sofa watching cartoons and playing the wii, we headed up to the club for an ice cream party and opening night of the pool.
photo (7) It was a little celebration to let him know just how loved he is.  I mean, I’m not anything if I’m not his number one fan!

Happy Summer, y’all!

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