Dreamy Dwelling {It’s Overflowing}

I was beyond flattered when Aimee at It’s Overflowing invited little old me to be a featured home in her Dreamy Dwellings series!  I mean, I’m keeping seriously good company over there with Reese Witherspoon and the Southern Living Idea House for crying out loud!!  So, hop on over and give it a look see.  Many many thanks to Aimee for the feature and for always leaving me such kind notes – she’s always a bright spot in my blog roll!!

It's Overflowing

It seems that all my good news is colliding in one day…and as if TWO super flattering blog features aren’t enough, I’m about to scoot out the door to an afternoon movie (resplendent with popcorn, goobers and cokes) with bestie F and NO littles!!



My Favorite Room {Savvy Southern Style}

I’m sharing my favorite room as part of the popular Friday series over at Savvy Southern Style today!  Which one will it be???

Many, many thanks to the fabulous Kim for having me.  She really kind of put me on the blog-land map when she featured a few of my before and afters last year, and she’s been such a huge supporter ever since. 

All right, enough of my sappy blog-friend love story… y’all get over there lickety split!


Forever Changed

Today I’m mourning the loss of the PCP’s first front and center tooth and, consequently, his forever changed smile.  He lost a few teeth on the bottom over the course of the last year and those were all call for celebration.  But this one is different. 

August 2012 645 copy

I love every square inch of that child, but that smile with those sweet little pearly whites all lined up in a perfect row was one of my most favorite sights in the world.  And knowing that I’ll never see it again makes me terribly sad.

August 2012 470 copy

I did manage to pull myself out of the doldrums long enough to craft an appearance from Pete the Pirate Fairy.  Honey helped the PCP tuck his incisor into the “Tooth Chest” Mimi gave him last year (the impetus of Pete himself) and the sweet child fell fast asleep in spite of his best efforts to finally see the fairy at work.  While Honey searched the house for a dollar bill, I set to work in the boys’ room.  Pete’s modus operandi is 1) to leave the window through which he entered all askew, 2) to carelessly drop gold coin and treasure all over the room, and 3) to leave a pint sized note scrawled in pirate hand.

August 2012 636 August 2012 639 August 2012 642

Seeing as we once again had zero cash on a tooth fairy night, Honey loaded up the chest with silver coins and batting cage tokens.  The note read “John, Me Matey – I hereby pronounce ye ‘snaggle-tooth’.  I hope ye love silver coin as much as we scallywags!  Godspeed! Pete the Pirate Fairy”

August 2012 641

(Yes, he’s sleeping in a polo shirt, strange child.  A battle not worth fighting.)

August 2012 643 Godspeed, indeed.



Room Mom

Y’all, I am so very excited to be room mom for the PCP’s class this year!!  You see, last year I no earthly idea how you’d score a job like this and to say I was slightly devastated when the teacher announced her room mom would be an understatement.  So, at our Meet & Greet this year, I immediately sought out the sign up sheet and scrawled my name on it as fast as I could.

I’ve attended my training (can you believe there is such a thing??) and have met with Mrs. B to find out her needs and expectations for the year.  I’ve collected class dues, put together a directory, been in to take pictures for their teddy bear reading day aaaaaand set up a class web page.  Whew!  I’m thinking it should be downhill from here, right?!?!

So, while I’m sure this room mom gig is old hat for many of you out there, in the event that you’re a first timer like me, I thought I’d share some of the details of the aforementioned tasks.

I collected for each student their name, phone number, address, subdivision, parents names and e-mails and their approval to list it in the directory.  I compiled it all in an excel sheet along with some of Mrs. B’s favorite things and distributed it back to the class.  If you’d like the file, just email me and I’m happy to share!
directory1 directory2
Class Web Site:
Shutterfly has the best class sites – for FREE!  Look here for more information.   It was pretty easy to set up and will be a great resource for volunteer activities, sharing pictures and keeping the calendar straight.
Home Page
Picture and Video Sharing
Class List
Sign Ups for Field Trips, Class Events, etc.

And I couldn’t hardly leave you without a pic I snapped of the PCP reading with “his” Braves bear.  If you recall, this is actually the baby’s friend that he proudly adopted at Build-a-Bear.  It was quite a shock to said baby when he got to brother’s class and saw his bear…
August 2012 596
So, there you have it… I’ve shared 100% of my meager knowledge on being class mom.  I’m sure there will be more to come throughout the year :-)


Guest Bathroom {Before and After}

Aside from the gleaming brass and frosted glass on the shower door, the guest bathroom had been so nicely updated we were tempted to forgo this blue monstrosity and use this as the master!  Alas, we decided Mother and Daddy-O would be much more likely to come watch the littles with a lovely suite to rest their heads.
April 2009 092

We had our contractors remove the glass shower enclosure in favor of a shower curtain.  And we traded in the large beveled mirror for a more decorative option.  Other than that, we just added a few decorative touches to make it flow seamlessly from the bedroom area.

guest room 1

July 2012 246

May 2013 494 copy

I adored the tile, cabinets, hardware and counters from the instant I laid eye on it!  I wouldn’t have changed a think if I’d picked them myself.  Even the toilet was lovely!  The mirror above the sink is from Ballard Designs and was a lucky outlet find.  The white linen towels were handmade for me by Cottage and Cabin Interiors – the same lovely lady that did the linens in my powder room.  I searched high and low for art to go above the towel bar and swooned over the heron oil painting by low country artist Mary Kicklighter as soon as I spied it in Sweet Tea.  Would you believe she was even such a doll as to email ME after I mentioned finding the oil on my last trip down to Savannah??!?!?!  Honey planked together a few pieces of wood removed from a built in bookcase original to the house.  The apothecary jars are from Hobby Lobby and Stein Mart and the egg soaps are from Aux Belles Choses in New Orleans.  The soap and lotion dispensers are from Target.

July 2012 271 copy

July 2012 250

The white linen shower curtain by Cottage and Cabin Interiors is ruffled at the bottom and box pleated at the top.  She can pretty much make anything under the moon and was happy to deliver just what I had been seeing in my mind’s eye!  The rug is from Pottery Barn – Hayden in Porcelain Blue.

July 2012 239 copy

The armoire once lived in the guest room at our old home, but fit perfectly in this space between the door and the towel bar.  I love having real furniture in a bathroom – makes it seem so luxurious to me!  Inside are towels, toiletries and another lovely oil painting by Mary Kicklighter.

May 2013 498 copy

July 2012 245 copy

The signed glicee is by Savannah artist Ray Ellis.  Mother and Daddy-O have given me a few of his pieces over the years and I adore them.  More towels from Cottage and Cabin Interiors, also done with my custom monogram.  They can be washed, but I switch them out for regular towels when we have guests.

May 2013 503 copy

March 2014 362 copy

May 2013 502 copy

The balloon shade is kind of a funny thing…I sewed this new fabric (Marrakesh Cobblestone left over from bedroom) right on top of the old fabric for a 30 minute quick fix.  I must say, it worked beautifully!  The pie crust table and petite chair are antiques passed down by Mother.  The Double Gourd Ceramic Table Lamp in Turquoise is from JC Penney ($40!) and the corona crown was a gift from Sister.  The frame used to be red on the inside, but a quick coat of Annie Sloan’s duck egg blue chalk paint took care of that!

July 2012 282 copy July 2012 294 copy July 2012 295 copy July 2012 293

Paint - Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth (walls), Benjamin Moore Alabaster (trim) and Benjamin Moore Beach Glass (inside armoire)
Balloon shade – Marrakesh in Cobblestone (Lewis and Sheron)
White linen shower curtain and towels - Cottage and Cabin Interiors
Mirror – Ballard Designs
Rug – Pottery Barn – Hayden in Porcelain Blue
Lamp – JC Penney - Double Gourd Ceramic Table Lamp in Turquoise
Oyster Roast art – Ray Ellis
Heron oil painting – by Mary Kicklighter from Sweet Tea; framed on reclaimed shelves original to our home
Soap and lotion dispensers – Target
Apothecary jars – Hobby Lobby
Egg soaps - Aux Belles Choses in New Orleans
I am over the moon with how these two rooms turned out.  And apparently the plan is working as Mother and Daddy-O spend an awful lot of time here helping us out and watching the littles :-)
PS.  See the bedroom before and after pictures and sources here and take a tour of all of my before and afters here!

Flattered for the feature at DIY by Design!


Flick ‘n Float

Honey and the PCP have been looking forward to this annual club tradition all summer long.  When the original date got rained out, I’d never seen such sad faces moping around the place.  So, last night we finally blew up the floats and headed to the pool for supper and a pool side showing of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. 

photo (85) photo (81) 

I must admit, I thought it was one of Alvin’s better showings and found the soundtrack quite catchy. Between slip ‘n sliding, the first fall ball practice and the long awaited flick ‘n float, the PCP proclaimed it one of his “best days ever.”  Now, if only their ten thirty bed time had made for a sleep-in Sunday…  (why doesn’t it ever work that way??)



What I Loved

What I loved about my kids this week…let me count the things…

1. The fact that my baby loves to eat the good stuff.  No pb&j for this monkey.  We dine together alfresco on the porch on things like pimento cheese sandwiches on italian five grain bread, spicy pickled okra and juicy fresh strawberries.
photo (79)

2.  That after my lengthy explanation of why flies are dirty (they sit on things like dog poop and then they roost on your grape and then you eat your grape and it’s like you just ate dog poop), the PCP replied with this “Mommy.  I’m not worried.  A fly’s leg is smaller than practically anything. So even if all four legs had dog poop on them it would barely be any poop at all.”  (At which point Honey launched into a heated discussion about how many legs a fly has.  The answer is six, if you were wondering.)

3. Spending my days with this little monkey.  He’s terribly entertaining and is really just as sweet as can be when nobody is around to nudge him into trouble.
photo (78)

4. Part of John’s first first grade homework assignment was to learn his address and phone number.  We started learning these facts back in pre-school and, at the time, I thought it prudent to teach him that 9-1-1 was his phone number.  I mean, if he were ever to be out wandering around at age four, five or even six without someone that already KNOWS his phone number I figured 1) it was a true emergency and 2) he’d have much better luck at remembering three digits than ten.  Flash forward two years and he says “Mommy.  I already know my phone number.  Remember?  9-1-1.”  Ahhhh…what a tangled web we weave…

5.  Whit started a new class at school too and he came home the first day with this report… “Mommy, my teacher BERY (very) UGLY TO ME.  She give everyone a sticker and not me.”  Why didn’t he get a sticker, you ask?  “Because I wrestling with a boy who look like my friend Colin.”  Ooooookay, then.  It just became crystal clear which one of my children is going to be the hand full in school.  I have a sneaking suspicion that his prior teachers have been to enamored by his blond hair and blue eyes to ever truly discipline him.  And it’s due time.
August 2012 624 copy
Honey’s off at some Fantasy Football gathering and the littles are itching to pull out the slip and slide.  Duty calls…


Oreo Apples

Sister and I have used these Oreo molds a few times and, in spite of my best intentions, I’ve yet to share the details.  I managed to take pictures of the steps most of the way through making the Oreo Apples for our First Place First Grader party and first day of first grade lunch.
August 2012 478 copy

First, you’ll need to get your Oreo molds.  I searched high and low at places like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby to no avail, and ended up buying them online from Spinning Leaf.  A six cavity mold is $6 and I bought two.

In addition to the mold, you’ll need chocolate candy melts (red and green if you are making apples), Oreos and a disposable pastry bag (mine are plastic by Wilton and were purchased at Michael’s.)  [The fact that Honey bought reduced fat Oreo's makes me laugh a little.  And the fact that he went to the grocery store at all makes me laugh a lot...I envision him strolling the aisles (for probably the third time in his life) trying to figure out where on earth they hide the Oreo's.  He's a good man, that Honey.]

photo (73)

1. Put your pastry bag in a microwaveable cup and add about half the bag of chocolate.  Melt according to the package directions.
photo (74)

2. Once melted, snip the tip off the pastry bag with scissors.  Put a generous amount of chocolate in each cavity of the mold.  You want to have enough chocolate in them so that when you press your Oreo down it will come up the sides of the mold a good ways.
photo (75)

3.  Gently press an Oreo in each cavity.
photo (72)

4.  Pipe more chocolate on top of the Oreo’s.
photo (76)

5.  Tap the mold down on the counter to encourage the chocolate to fill down the sides of the mold and completely cover the cookies.  You might need to add more chocolate on top as you work it down the sides.
photo (77)

6.  Level out the tops with a knife and use a damp paper towel to clean up the top of the mold.  Put the mold in the fridge to set.

[Here’s where real life set in and I just had to get it done rather than stop to take pics every two mintues.]

7. Unmold the Oreo’s by gently pressing on the tops and sides to release.  This should be fairly easy.

8. To make the stems, melt your green chocolate in a new pastry bag using the same method you used for the red.  Lay a piece of waxed paper on a plate and pipe out a stem/leaf shape for each apple.  Put the plate in the fridge to set.  It should only take a minute or two.  Once set, use a blob of green chocolate on the cookie to adhere the stem/leaf.  I had to prop it up on the side of my cutting board until it set.

So that’s it.  Sorry I flaked half way through. I realize I’m not great at explaining things… probably because I’m generally making them up as I go.

Happy back to school, y’all!

Flattered for the feature at Frugal Girls!



Happy FORTY-THIRD anniversary to Mother and Daddy-O!!

2003 952 Wedding 044

I hope you spend the day savoring your Starbucks, sunning at the beach and dining at the Pink House.  (Who am I kidding, of course you will!)


So much love for both of you…



Homework Cart

The minute I spied this kitchen cart in an Ikea preview I knew then and there that it had to be mine.  After months and MONTHS of stalking the Atlanta store (and waaaay too many Swedish meatballs) I finally scored my very own scrumptiously turquoise Raskog last week!  Cookie and Bird helped me put it together and I stocked it with our at-home school supplies.  All this is perfect timing because along with the first grade came our first year of homework. *womp womp*
August 2012 564 copy
August 2012 563 August 2012 562 August 2012 560
While big brother is away, the baby has loved playing with his supplies.  It’s been so nice to roll this into the kitchen and set him up while I make lunch, empty the dishwasher, prep for dinner and tackle all sorts of other glamorous chores.
August 2012 553
And after school, the PCP has everything he needs right there.  We keep his homework packet and sight words for the week in the top basket.
August 2012 565 August 2012 566

Best of all, it rolls right into the coat closet at the end of the night.
August 2012 551 copy
And, lest you think it’s all work and no play around these parts, rest assured that we still make plenty of time for lots of things like this…
August 2012 572

…he is only six years old, after all :-)
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