Halloween 2012

Well y’all, Halloween 2012 went of without a hitch! 

We helped out in Pumpkin Centers in the PCP’s class (showing off his veggie monster)…
photo 2 (15)

Sister and Bird came over to play and deliver adorable Halloween treats for the littles…
October 2012 440 October 2012 444

We dined on a delish supper of chili, cornbread, tombstone brownies (thank you Mimi for the pans and such) and witch’s brew…
October 2012 461 October 2012 460

October 2012 463 October 2012 464 October 2012 465

October 2012 472 October 2012 475

We donned our costumes (Captain America for Whit and Shadow Ice Wolf Ninja…what on earth is that anyway?…for John)…
October 2012 480

October 2012 478

And we headed out TrIcK oR tReAtInG with the S family, the R family and the W family!!!  Our host A made the most divine apple cider to keep us warm - I've got to get that recipe!
photo 3 (12) photo 4 (6)

Wonder of all wonders, the littles were way more into getting candy than eating candy.  After just three measley pieces, they are already in bed fast asleep.  Now, I’m about put on my PJs and finish my annual Halloween week marathon of horror movies.  Thus far I have Carrie (great), Carrie 2 (okay), Hand that Rocks the Cradle (great) and American Psycho (awful) under my belt.  I know Honey will be happy tomorrow when he doesn’t have to go to sleep with his pillow wrapped around his head :-)

Hope y’all had a safe and spooky Halloween!



On the eve of Halloween, we sat down to dine on brains, of all things…brains for supper (angel hair pasta with marinara) and brains for dessert (sugar free jello with a few gummy worms).
October 2012 434  October 2012 437
I purchased the brain jello mold last year FREE (plus $2.95 shipping) from the Kraft Store last year and, as luck would have it, they have the same deal going on this year through tomorrow only!
October 2012 438
While we were dining on all those brains, Honey was enjoying BBQ, beers and a tour of Georgia Tech’s new McCamish Pavilion at an event hosted by Hunter Technical Resources (a gaggle of our college friends started this great biz, for those of you job hunting in the ATL.) 
Brain pasta and jello versus BBQ, beers, Buzz and besties …yes, I believe I am a tish jealous. :-)

Still praying for all y'all up North...


Mummy Monday

After rave reviews last year, our Halloween Witch gave Mummy Monday another go round today!

October 2012 337 October 2012 338 October 2012 342

The mummified menu consisted of bananas on sticks, white chocolate dipped pretzel rods and crescent roll wrapped hot dogs.  For all the gory details, hop on over to last year’s post


Knowing how the littles love some suppertime entertainment, the thrifty Witch picked up a darling Truth or Dare game in the dollar bin at Target.  (Have y’all noticed that I always make a super big deal of anything thrifty?  That’s for Honey’s benefit.) 

October 2012 339

It made for such a memorable night that I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing it again tomorrow!  Highlights included:

Mommy cackling like a witch (yikes, that is pretty horrific looking in retrospect)

October 2012 343

Honey walking like a zombie

October 2012 348

The PCP slithering like a snake

October 2012 351

And the baby doing the Hokey Pokey

October 2012 352

Anytime we have lunch-able leftovers I always go ahead put together meals for the next day.  The littles are already excited about “Mummy Tuesday” and I’m thrilled to shave a good five minutes off the morning routine.

October 2012 358

As for the rest of our day, the baby had a morning AND an afternoon play date, and I was able to sneak off to help the PCP’s class “defy gravity” as a science lab volunteer at school. 


The baby’s tennis lesson got called off about ten minutes in when limbs starting raining down on the court.  I personally could not have been more relieved, though I heard a few other (obviously eskimo-ish) moms complaining.  It was FRIGID and the perfect excuse to warm up with some hot chocolate at home.


And in between it all, I was glued to CNN’s coverage of the devastation already caused by Sandy.  Prayers go out to all of you in the Northeast!



GT Homecoming

While the game itself left much to be desired, it didn’t put the slightest damper on 3/4 of our family’s Georgia Tech homecoming fun!  (Y’all have likely figured out that the odd man out in that equation is Honey…and that he was more than disappointed in his team’s performance.)  We arrived crazy early and spent hours tailgating with the oldest and best of friends.  It was impossible not to marvel at all the darling littles running around, and at how we’ve all stayed connected over the last *cough* fifteen years. 
October 2012 323 copy October 2012 285 copy October 2012 286 copy October 2012 287 copy October 2012 293 copy October 2012 301 copy October 2012 306 copy October 2012 313 copy October 2012 319 copy October 2012 321 copy photo photo2 copy
After the game Honey and the PCP headed over to the SAE house for a while and then made a little stop by the ZTA house.  John was more upset by the fact that UGA won than that GT lost, but we ended the day with our standard “if you had fun you won” mantra.  And have fun we did indeed!
photo 1 (15) photo 2 (17)

Before I jet off to get the littles ready for mass, I want to say just how much each and every one of your comments on my Deen Team post yesterday means to me.  I read and reread every single one.  And then I read them again to Honey with a tear in my eye and a squeak in my voice.  I am humbled and grateful and flattered and thankful.  This blog writing thing has been one incredible journey!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!



The Deen Team

Paula Deen is adding to the Deen Team of bloggers this fall and I’m plum giddy to be throwing my name in the hat!  For my entry submission, I’m going to share a little bit about little ol me and then I’m going to throw out why I think I’ve got what it takes to join the team.
All About Amanda
I’m a so-Southern girl that loves delightful décor, perfect parties and being queen bee in a home full of boys! I've spent my whole life living in the South. Originally from Savannah, I eventually stepped out from behind the moss curtain and made the move to Atlanta for college (Go TECH!). I always intended to go back home but two degrees, one husband, two homes and two boys later I'm here for the foreseeable future.

I love fabulous home decor, drinking sweet tea on the porch, the ballet, seersucker, monograms, Coca-Cola, reading, everything Southern, bow ties, smocked outfits and knee socks on the littles, grits, throwing parties, cooking, the beach, red apple martinis and, most of all, my family.
July 2012 797 copy
Amanda, Whit (almost 4 years) aka “The Baby” and “Cookie”,
John (almost 7 years) aka “The PCP” (precious cutie pie) and Honey
Top 10 Reasons Why I’ve Got What it Takes
1.  I Love Paula
As evidenced by this post last year, I LOVE Paula! I love her show, I adore her magazine, I swoon over her book (Savannah Style), I crave the buffet at The Lady and Sons, I am an unashamed rubber-necker when driving past her house on the way to my parents’ home, and I admire her motivation, determination, humor and self-made success.
2. It’s Genetic
Apparently, loving The Lady is genetic. As a child I remember Daddy-O coming home from work and telling us about the divine lunches he’d pick up from “The Bag Lady” in one of the squares in downtown Savannah. Thirty-some odd years later and my parents live just around the bend from Paula. I’ve gotten a few excitedly hushed calls from Mother (I can all too well envision her hiding behind the co-cola end cap) telling me she's just seen Paula on aisle 3. And, on occasion, I am thrilled to open my inbox and see something like Paula’s gates decorated for Halloween (Mother is constantly on Daddy-O for careening around the bend in a manner that impedes her drive-by photography.)
December 2007 Christmas 057 Lunch at The Lady and Sons – a family holiday tradition – December 2007
3. I’m a Mommy and a Wife
As y’all well know, Honey and I have the supreme honor of being parents to two precious littles. I adore rambling on about the good, the bad, the ugly, the unbelievable and the unforgettable of raising up two Southern Gentleman in the best way a self-professed girly-girly knows how to do. Lord knows I never ever in my wildest dreams EVER thought I’d be catching fiddlers in the marsh or dreaming up a gazillion ways to make a baseball snack look cute. (Let’s face it, I thought I’d be a unicorn-riding princess...or at the very least that I’d have a couple of unicorn-riding-princess-dreamers of my own.)
paula1 celebrating 10 yearsa team snack – fishing off the dock – the apples of my eye
4. I’m a Party Person
There’s nothing I love more than throwing a good party. Whether it’s a birthday party for the littles, a supper club gathering for our friends or a back to school bash for the neighbors, I take the planning, crafting, designing and cooking that goes into throwing a party super seriously.
5. I’m an Eater
Allright y’all, confession time…this “reason why I’ve got what it takes” originally started out as a place where I was going to flaunt my cooking skills. But I wouldn’t be fooling anyone…least of all The Queen of Southern Cuisine…with that sort of nonsense. While I do enjoy cooking, what I really love is eating. And I really super duper love making a fun family meal with recipes that don’t require a degree from the culinary institute, or ingredients that I can’t pronounce, to pull it off.
6. I Love to Decorate
Over the last three years, Honey and I have teamed up to overhaul our 1968 forever home – trading out the navy carpets with gold bows and the dark walls and trim for coastal accents and colors reminiscent of the rivers and marshes that we love so much. As y’all know, he finished our entire basement himself by watching YouTube videos and reading how-tos while I was teaching myself to sew drapes, skirt tables and upholster chairs. It’s been no small task to balance my love of shiny, beautiful over-the-top things with durable, down-to-earth, utterly invincible elements necessary for a house with two active (for lack of a better word) boys. This has led to crazy sounding things like mixing crystal chandeliers with outdoor rugs and family antiques with Ikea finds.
7. I’m So-Southern
I love the South: the people of the South, the manners of the South, the “come on over for a spell and sit on my back porch with a sweet tea while the littles catch lightening bugs in the bare feet” demeanor of the South. “Y’all” is a sight word around these parts (I added it right to the top of the list after “you” and “all”) and in this house co-cola solves everything from a tummy ache to a pot roast.
8. I’m a DIYer
The shower is a dangerous place for me. It’s the five minutes of my day (or every other day to be more exact) that I have to myself. And my mind tends to run wild thinking of things to do, things to make, things to decorate…you get the picture. So, usually with the baby as my second in command, we craft up all sorts of fun things, from décor to party favors to printable files for Dixie Delights’ readers to download for free!
9. I Celebrate
I celebrate holidays, birthday, accomplishments and sometimes just Mondays. There is really nothing I love more than making merry! I’m not choosy about what we celebrate, just as long as we do! I mean, it could be the last day of school, the first day our holiday elf comes for the season, a new episode of Scooby Doo, St. Patrick's Day or a spelling test. Not to get all serious on y’all, but I look at every.single.day we have together as an immense blessing and I just can’t think of a good reason not to make the most of it!
10. I WANT IT!
As I worked on writing this “why I’ve got what it takes” narrative (it admittedly got very long…I sure hope there wasn’t a word limit!?!?), I realized just how much I want to join the Deen Team. Y’all know I’ve got no shortage of things to rattle on about and I’d love the opportunity to share thoughts, stories, ideas and even those free printables with Paula’s readers each month. Paula, as a member of your Deen Team, I will make you proud!

August 2008 Savannah 132
With Paula’s likeness August 2008

I suspect Paula’s people will be checking in over here soon, so I’d be as pleased as punch if y’all would weigh in… Do you think I have what it takes? I would literally squeal with delight while doing a jig in my front yard if I were to be picked!
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