Best of 2012

As we sit on the brink of a brand new year, I thought it appropriate to take a walk down memory lane.  Here’s a roundup of reader favorites from 2012…

July 2012 284 copy

November 2012 258 copy

February 2012 183 copy

March 2012 327 copy

February 2012 698

May 2012 018

December 2011 640

November 2012 394 copy

October 2012 417 copy

July 2012 936 copy

January 2012 046 copy
And a few from 2011 are still in my all time top viewed posts… 

September 2011 162c

September 2011 208

August 2011 036

November 2011 928

Last but not least, I’d like to take a minute to thank my top referrers – all of which are fabulous blogs written by amazing and inspirational ladies. 

When I started on this blogging adventure I didn't have an inkling as to all the wonderful people I'd have the great fortune to "meet".  Many thanks to each and every one of you that take time out of your day to spend a few minutes in mine.  With that, I think I’m going to sign off from the virtual world for a few days to soak up time with Honey and the boys.  

I’ll see y’all in 2013!!


Celebrating a New Year

We’ll be ringing in a new year in a few short days and I thought I’d share some of my favorites from last year…

Champagne Cupcakes
find the recipe here

December 2011 1048 copy

Champagne Jello Shots
find the recipe here
December 2011 1030

Collard Green Centerpiece
 See more hereDecember 2011 1026
December 2011 1028

Traditional Southern New Year’s Feast
find links to the recipes here
January 2012 002

See all New Year’s here!

The PCP is going to work with his daddy today, much to his delight!  I’ll be taking down Christmas – at least it comes down quicker than it goes up…

Flattered for the feature at No Minimalist Here!


The Oreo Cake

I’ve had a few emails about the oreo cake from the baby’s birthday party and thought I’d take a few minutes to share the details as this was SO easy and would be perfect for a new year’s soiree!

December 2012 172 copy
Helpful hints:
  • To fit on my standard 11” cake pedestal, I used three packages of Oreos for the two tiered “cake”. 
  • I stacked six layers per tier.  You will want to stack cookies in the center too so it’s an entire “cake” of oreos. 
  • Be warned that this would be tremendously hard to move so I would make the cake where you want it to end up. 
  • In the future, I would use a dot of icing to “glue” the layers together.  This would definitely make it more stable.
  • I carefully stuck the sparklers almost all the way through the top center cookie before placing it on the cake.
  • I used the red filled holiday cookies, but this would be darling in white too! 

Now, go forth and make the easiest cake you’ll ever do!


Merry Merry!

The littles are nestled all snug in the beds, while sweet memories of Christmas dance in their heads.  And while I didn’t manage to squeeze in a long winter nap, I’d say everything else about our day was just about perfect. 

Honey’s mama came over at the crack of dawn to join Mother, Daddy-O and us for the first round of gifts.  We stuck with our gift rule again this year and it seems like just enough – Santa brings something to do (Medieval Times tickets), something you need (new sports balls), something you want (Star Wars gear for Cookie and Beyblade Dome for John), something to read and stockings for the littles.  We give them each a keepsake ornament, a classic book for their library and then something fun (Captain America set for Cookie and Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom booster packs for John).  Of course, they were delighted to see that Santa and his reindeer thoroughly enjoyed their snack :-)

December 2012 264 copy  December 2012 277

December 2012 278
Breakfast was divine and only required popping things in the oven while we did gifts since Honey’s mama and I made everything in advance – cheese grits, praline bread and egg casserole.

December 2012 282

December 2012 283

December 2012 285

Sister, her Mister and Bird showed up around lunch time and we did the second round of opening! Mother and Daddy-O have always always always done a big Christmas for us for as long as I can remember. 

December 2012 286
December 2012 290
December 2012 292
December 2012 293

Before the feast Mother and Daddy-O prepared for “lupper” (that meal between lunch and supper that my family seems to always sit down to), we did our annual reading of T’was the Night Before Christmas.  There is a small gift for everyone at the table and every time the word “and” is read, you pass the gift.  At the end of the story you open and keep the one you are holding.  Since we hosted Christmas this year (we couldn’t travel to Savannah due to the impending arrival of my darling niece), I had a fantastic time shopping for the gifts (there were only two trades at the end) and Honey did the honors of reading the story.  It’s really one of my favorite family traditions!!

December 2012 300
December 2012 301
December 2012 302
December 2012 304
December 2012 305
December 2012 307
December 2012 309
December 2012 310
December 2012 311

I’ll leave you with a somewhat horrific pic of our motley crew (that was taken waaaaay too late in the day.)  Alas, this was the best in the lot of about a dozen…

December 2012 312
I hope you all had a wonderful day.  Merry merry, y’all!


Twas the Night Before Christmas

We kicked off Christmas Eve with a trip to Krispy Kreme for hot glazed doughnuts! 

photo 1 (29)

The littles were enthralled with the animals at the living nativity before mass – especially the pregnant camel.  Mass was gorgeous and joyous and a bit chaotic with the baby’s THREE trips to the potty.  Alas, we didn’t want a repeat of the Lilly store so we oblige even the hint of needing go.

December 2012 234
photo 3 (24)  photo 2 (29)

Honey’s mama had the family over for a lovely Christmas Eve candlelight supper and the boys were beyond thrilled to get to open a few early gifts.

December 2012 237
December 2012 238
December 2012 241
December 2012 235

Before heading to bed, we set out an elaborate plate of snacks for Santa.  The littles had such fun chiming in on things he would like to eat that I just couldn’t say no.  I suppose he will be thrilled to find a large plate of Krispy Kremes, Oreo’s, Peeps, ice cold milk and a bowl of carrots for his crew when he slides down this chimney.  Oh, and don’t worry, we have put the fire out so that he doesn’t burn a hole in his britches.

December 2012 244 copy
December 2012 249 copy
December 2012 251 copy
December 2012 261

Honey snuggled up with the boys and read T’was the Night Before Christmas to his enthralled audience.  I vividly remember Daddy-O doing the same for Sister and me as little girls.  We didn’t share a room but we always shared a bed on Christmas Eve.

December 2012 263

And now, on this night before Christmas, not a creature is stirring, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and I know two little angels are hoping St. Nick will soon be here.

December 2012 258 copy


Merry Christmas Eve, y’all.
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