Groundhog Day Roundup

If you’ve spent more than two seconds reading this blog then you know how I loooove a good celebration.  Well, the often overlooked Groundhog Day is no exception!  This year I’ll probably do the same lunch and hot chocolate snack I’ve done the past few years but I thought it would be fun to share in advance in the event that y’all want to join in on the fun with your littles!!

February 2012 028

February 2011 020

February 2012 026

Here’s to hoping Spring will be on it’s way come February 2nd!!


  1. I'll be joining in the Groundhog Day fun!! :)

  2. Cute! What did you use for the eyes?

  3. Little premade candy eyes by Wilton - come in a bag at places like michaels on cake aisle

  4. Thanks for the heads up. Love all of your ideas. Are you going to be giving us a sneak peek for your VDAY room party ideas, too? I'm in need of some game ideas. Thanks!

  5. Jen - My son's teacher always does a "Q-U" Wedding for valentine's day so I'm helping to organize that. She already has most everything so I only have to find parents to volunteer to help. It looks pretty elaborate and I'll def post pics afterwards. You can search for it on pinterest if you want to see more!

  6. Wow...you never cease to amaze me. Do you think Paula Deen put you up for adoption? ;-) jk. So tootin cute!

  7. I have to figure out how to do this nut and gluten free. Any help would be great!!!

    1. Maybe icing for eyes and teeth? I don't know a thing about gluten free :-(


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