I Love {Mary Pratt}

I’m back today with another of my favorite local artists – Mary Pratt of Pink Chair Studio.  Mary is mother to my dear friend Anna, grandma to two of the most darling little girls you could ever hope to know AND a stunning artist.  I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know her over the last few years and always look forward to seeing her at Anna’s parties, gatherings and events.  This is the piece that started an instant and all-encompassing love affair with Mary…

…can you even believe the gorgeousness?  I literally swooned right there in Anna’s kitchen. 

This portrait of a family friend’s daughter is equally as marvelous.  I’ve seen this child in person and I can honestly say that this perfectly captures her!  I sure would love to have one of the boys (I’m putting that out there on the off chance Honey is reading.)

It should come as no surprise that I’m drawn to her coastal pieces.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Soooo…after admiring Mary’s work in Anna’s home and through her Facebook page for a good long while, I was absolutely positively thrilled when Honey told me I could work with her on a piece for our bedroom for my Christmas gift.  I loved the idea of a diptych after seeing the aforementioned peacock painting and wanted something coastal in my muted colors.  Imagine my absolute delight when she presented me with this…  (that would be the second time I swooned in Anna’s kitchen).  She used thick gallery wrapped canvases - the two 20x24” pieces make for a total size of 40x24”.

January 2013 029 copy

I truly couldn’t have dreamed up anything more perfect and I cannot wait for y’all to see what we’ve done with it!!!  One of my favorite Christmas gifts of all time!


  1. Those are very beautiful. I love art, doesn't matter what kind, the talent of people just amazes me. Have a good one.

  2. What beautiful paintings! Being brought up in southern GA, I also love the coastal scenes.

  3. Amanda, that is so gorgeous. Can't wait to see it in your home. What a great gift.

  4. What a beautiful painting. And it really does look like "you". You will treasure it always, especially as you know the artist. Can't wait to see how it looks in your room.

  5. The peacock is beautiful. My 4.5 year old was a peacock for Halloween and really liked the painting as well!

  6. wow stunning!!!!! i wonder if she'll want to commission a painting for someone out of state? i would love to have one of her pieces! simply gorgeous!

  7. Oh wow! Soo gorgeous! The colors are beautiful. I love the one she did for your room!

  8. Love that peacock! Absolutely beautiful! Stopping by from Elizabeth & Co.


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