Let There Be Light

Our little project for the weekend was cleaning up the original light post we “found” at the corner of our property. 
January 2013 133

January 2013 134

I kid you not when I say that we “found” it.  It was almost entirely eaten up by massive, overgrown and total heinous shrubs (see bottom right of following picture) until Honey spent two weekends straight cutting them down to the ground and a third hauling off all of the clippings.  UGH!  Our yard is way too big for our brown thumbs and always seems to be in a state of disrepair.  The vacant “scary house”, as we had dubbed the creepy place across the street, has since been gutted, refaced and re-landscaped (glory be) and is now home to a lovely family with triplet toddles (all boys, bless their heart.)
February 2011 035 (2)

But anyway, back to me :-) I was as pleased as punch to find the lovely but broken lamp post under all those shrubs.  Honey gave it a new coat of paint and rewired it to bring it back to its former glory.  I absolutely adore looking out my window in the evenings and seeing it proudly gracing our property.
January 2013 163 copy

January 2013 164 copy

Please don’t look too closely at the yard.  It needs new sod, but first the house needs paint and the front porch needs to be replaced.  All in time…for now, I’m just content with the lamp post!!


  1. What a pretty "find"! And please don't be so hard on yourself and your beautiful home. Homes are a work in progress:)

  2. One step at a time... or in a home's case, one improvement at a time. It's always a joy to find a smile in the little things isn't it?
    Enjoy your 'new' light post...
    HUGS Gee

  3. Looks great! I love "lamp light"!

  4. I would love a lamp post like that. Enjoy! I know what you mean about the yard. We ripped out a bunch of things and had to wait to re-do because of season and budget. I felt so bad for our neighbors having to look at our brown front yard. Finally we put in sod and now have to work on planting beds this spring. I'm sure they will be happy when it's finished.

  5. That is hysterical and I know what you mean about brown thumbs and big yards! Whew...overwhelming!

  6. Too funny that it was lost amidst the bushes! So glad to see that you brought it back to life. Your house exterior is so pretty!

  7. Love your new find, and is that a picture of a full moon over your house? What a great shot!

  8. I love a lamppost! I know you love to maintain a yard...LOL! Good luck! xo


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