Traveling T.J.

The PCP completed his first school project (outside of Science Fair which was optional) of the year a few months back (but it just came back home this week which reminded me about it)!  Similar to Flat Stanley (have y’all heard of that guy?) the PCP’s class spent their Thanksgiving break carting the likeness of Thomas Jefferson around town, which was a great excuse to go to some of our favorite places. 

And while the PCP (and the baby alike) really got into thinking up poses for the guy, I led the troops in making it presentation worthy.  I originally intended to just have it printed at Kinkos (the price of ink for my printer is highway robbery), but once I got there I was quickly wooed by their promises to turn an ordinary document from drab to fab “while you wait”.  As such, I had it spiral bound with a clear cover.  I remember when Mother used to help me bind my book reports and such, and how I felt so fancy-pants turning them in to the teacher.  Why not start ‘em young in making a fab first impression?!?!  Because we all know many people DO judge a book by its cover :-)

November 2012 724 copy

We had to cull our thirty pictures down to fifteen and, Per Mrs. B’s instructions, the PCP wrote a caption on each.  We took T.J. to all sorts of interesting 21st century-ish places, including the Varisty, Georgia Tech, Honey’s work and Target.

November 2012 725

November 2012 726

November 2012 727

November 2012 728

November 2012 729

The PCP said it best when he wrote “I had fun showing T.J. my favrite thins in Atlanta!"  (awww...that was before he lost the other front tooth)

November 2012 730

This one is definitely a keeper.


  1. so Much fun! My boys did Flat Stanley and Jackson did something with Felix the bunny that was fun. Ah, those were the days!
    I went to a speaker last night (Dr. Robert Brooks) about raising resilient children and I thought of you and how much I think you would have enjoyed the lecture. ;) He has some great things to say!! (So not a plug, just thought you would find what he has to say interesting!)

  2. Super duper cute!!! Way to go PCP! :-)


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