Weekend in Review

We are winding down a positively glorious weekend in the South.  One where the shorts came out, the windows went up and as much time as possible was spent outside.


We roasted marshmallows in the evenings.

January 2013 109

We enjoyed breakfast (and lunches and suppers) on the porch.

photo 5 (10) 

We spent a lazy Saturday afternoon at the playground and park.

photo 2 (32)

We cheered for the PCP at his basketball game.

January 2013 138

We had a super fun pizza night with the L family.  Bestie M wooed the baby when she let him hammer the Oreo’s for their pudding “mud” dessert.  He’s still talking about it…

photo 3 (27)

We did plenty of lounging (at least the doors to the porch were open).  And I attended a meeting for the PCP’s first Reconciliation later this year and Communion next Spring (seems like his Baptism was just yesterday.)

photo 1 (31)

We cheered the Falcons on to a win in the last few minutes of the game!

photo 2 (31)

And now half of the family is napping while this quick and delish Southwestern Chili simmers on the stove.

photo 3 (26)

I could really, really get used to weekends like this!



  1. My daughter's first reconciliation is in a few weeks and communion in May, we've been to similar meetings!

    They are promoting greater parental involvement at our church, we have workbooks & special masses ... when I was little, we did it all in CCD!

    Loving shopping for a communion dress...!

  2. Wonderful, relaxing weekends--ahhhh. I just finished reading Discovery of Witches, too!

  3. Sounds like a positively FAB weekend! I'm so glad the Falcons pulled it off, just in time to save me from a heart attack!!!

  4. I love reading about your creative ideas however, I really enjoy reading about how you make ordinary days exordinary.


  5. What a great weekend...I spy a Falcon shirt, my hubby is a fan and was thrilled they pulled it off, it was quite exciting.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend. I too was enjoying our 70 degree weather...loved it, wish it was here to stay!

  7. LOVE the orange goggles the baby had to sport while beating the oreos!!! too cute. sound like a fabulous weekend! :)



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