Bee Bop the Night Away

We bee bopped the night away at the PCP’s school sock hop!  Mother helped me throw this ensemble together at the eleventh hour, repurposing my Mickey costume from a few years back, and I headed out with my favorite greasers. 

February 2013 044 copy

Seeing as candy cigs are so hard to come by these days, we substituted conversation hearts in the littles’ shirt sleeves.  I love that when told to “act like you’re from the 1950’s” the littles’ simultaneously and instantaneously struck this strange pose.  Apparently the PCP thinks the men of that era were quite grumpy. (And Honey too based on his mug above.)

February 2013 039 

Up at the school we dined on The Varsity, sipped on Coke floats and danced, hula hooped and limboed the night away. 

 photo 1 (29) photo 2 (28)photo 1 (28)  photo 3 (23)  photo 4 (15) photo 4 (16) photo 5 (9)photo 5 (8) 

Later, gators…



  1. Hysterical! Sooo much fun - thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like you had a great family night out!

  3. How fun! You guys certainly looked the part.

  4. What fun! Brings back memories of our sock hops when my kids where in elementary school! Great outfits!

  5. Hi! I am a new blog follower! Looks like a super fun night!

  6. You are my absolute favorite blogger! You're so creative and seem to include your adorable family in just about everything you do, which inspires me. The sock hop looked like FUN and your outfits are cute!
    All My Best,

  7. YEs, how adorable you all looked!! But I have to say..."blushing"....hubby looked pretty darn good with the slicked back look!! WooHoo!!! Lori


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