Dare I Say

… that we are a diaper free household?!?!!? 
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When we jaunted off to Target to replenish the baby’s night time diaper supply, he pitched a royal fit right there in the aisle – professing himself a big boy and dismissing the need for any more diapers.  Sooooo… I put the twenty dollar box right back on the shelf and steeled myself for weeks worth of wet sheets and middle of the night accidents.  (Okay, really for a couple of days worth because after a night of changing sheets I would have slapped a diaper back on him so fast he wouldn't have known what hit him.)  You see, while potty trained during the day for over a year now, he was still waking up with a soaked diaper every single morning. 

Well, I happily admit that I underestimated the sweet child.  When he sets his mind to something he does it!  It’s really quite remarkable and something I’ve noticed about him from as early on as the days of rolling over and smiling.  He’s had just one accident in the last two weeks!!

Sweet friends Emmy and Lyla delivered some of their momma’s divine salted caramel chocolate chip cookies to celebrate the occasion!
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And while I can hardly bear the thought of my baby growing up, diapers are one hallmark of baby-hood that I most definitely will NOT miss!!

Congrats big boy – we’re so very proud of you!!


  1. Congrats little guy (and to his Mommy). This is a big one.

  2. Congrats!! No more diapers is a liberating moment in a Mommy's life.

  3. Congratulations!!! I actually just posted about our daytime potty success but like you I'm in no hurry to get rid of the nighttime diapers :)

  4. Congrats to your both! I remember what a relief it was to be done with those things!

  5. What's huge milestone. Congrats W!!!

  6. Good for you both! I remember how good it felt when my own girls were little and potty training. And when I quit working after 30+ years in the insurance industry and started taking care of my grands while their Mommies worked, I went through the whole diaper thing all over again several times. I had the 2 youngest in diapers at the same time. I must say that now the youngest grand is 4 yrs of age and will start K-5 next fall, I don't miss changing those diapers one bit!

  7. Gosh how I look forward to a morning without a smelly wet pull up! 2 months til we are 4, let's hope little man gets it as quickly as cookie! Btw, just got the Disney photo book... So stinking cute! Thanks so much for your hard work!

  8. Adorable! He's getting so big!!

  9. YAY!! That was always a big deal in our house too, I always had something special for them! Congrats to that handsome little guy!

  10. YAY!!!!!

    Way to go!!! He's a big boy now!!!

    I know I miss my babies BIG time, but, once they reached that age of no more diapers, it was great!!!

    I'm doing a happy dance for your son.


  11. He's such a big boy now! Congrats!

  12. Oh that's so cute! He's very proud. It is so nice when you get to stop buying those things!


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