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The PCP “performed” in his first school concert since pre-K a couple of weeks back.  The entire first grade came together to sing all sorts of songs about recycling.  Of all things.  It was surprisingly cute and well done, but it wasn’t the scripted parts of the show that had Honey and I snickering.  Rather, it was all of the funny faces we observed on the PCP.  He certainly ran the gamut of emotions in the forty-five minute or so production before really going out with a bang.
February 2013 007
caught in the act
February 2013 009
February 2013 012
February 2013 014
February 2013 016
February 2013 017
put out
February 2013 018
February 2013 021
February 2013 022
February 2013 025

“There goes his teacher, up on the bleachers.”
“Seriously!?!?  Did he pass out?  Throw up?  I think he passed out.”

It was the next to last song of the show and I couldn’t get through the thick of the crowd to see what happened.  This is was one of those moments when I wished more than anything that I had Sister or bestie M with me.  They would have called off the show without a second thought to get across the room to their babies.  Instead, I fretted, freaked out and had a mini panic attack until I saw his teacher give me the “he’s okay” from across the room.  She saw him get flushed and then start to slip between the crowd and ran up there to get him.  A little fresh air and a sip of water later and his was back in business.

February 2013 026 
He’s definitely got some drama in him.  I for one was thoroughly entertained.  That is until I was thoroughly freaking out.  One things is for sure… there is NEVER a dull moment around these parts. 


  1. I loved this post! What a series of emotions you captured. Obviously it is hard being a child! Yes, the PCP thrives on drama, and it suits him well! I felt your pain when you described how you could not get to him! I know what you mean about school performances - everyone comes to see their darlings, and throngs have to stand and even sit in the aisles.

  2. Those faces are priceless. Sorry he ended up not feeling well. It gets hot standing up on the risers with everyone, and kids are known to lock their knees causing them to faint.

  3. Thanks for a laugh to start my morning out. Of course I am thrilled everything was okay. Having three "performers" myself, it brought back some similar memories. I still cringe when I see any of my kids' preschool teachers and they are 22, 19, and 15!!!

  4. You certainly captured some priceless expressions! I am so glad he was okay. I would have freaked out if I couldn't get up there after he disappeared. That's a long time for kids to be standing! At one of our school performances, we could see a little boy looking like he was going to pass out. Within seconds, a teacher was up there to wisk him away. I swear teachers have a sixth sense for that thing!

  5. This reminds me so much of our 8 year old he is quite the drama King. During their last performance at the school I noticed all the kids were on stage, I leaned over to my mummsy and said " Where is Tyler?" I then see him to the side of the stage crying boo hooing etc... The teacher quickly brings him to me and his choice words " I have stage Fright" I try to not laugh but I can't control myself and he only cries more. He says he normally isn't on the top row and that day he was, he could see everyone!!! He claimed its much easier on the bottom row. He finally made it up there but not after I went up on stage with him and every parent gave me " Those Eyes" I was embarrassed but glad he got back up there, I so can relate to " Wheres My Child"

  6. Poor little fellow. The air was probably getting pretty thin stuck in there among all those kids. Reminds me of my high school baccalaureate at the Catholic church in town. It is funny now, but was embarrassing then. Eucharist was taking place and there had been a lot of standing, sitting, kneeling, as is the process during such a service. Oxygen was quite low in there. I could hear Monseigneur saying over and over "The Body" as each graduate filed up to him for the sacrament. I remember hearing a voice, which I later learned had been my own. "Oh, no, I'm going!" There was a loud "whack" (my head hitting the pew in front of me.) Yep, I passed out, colder than a cucumber! A memorable experience to be sure. Hope your little fellow is alright now.

  7. oh my goodness amanda...this brings back such sweet memories of watching my (now grown) babies perform...and those faces...so funny (all except for the scary part for you)

  8. cracking up!! This is priceless!!

  9. Adorable pictures! Glad he was ok. By the way, what does PCP stand for?

  10. Hi DD!!

    Well, that was a different show!!!

    I'm so glad he's alright. The pictures are priceless!!! What a cute little guy!! In Jr. High that happened to a girl while we were practicing.

    It gets really hot up there. I wonder if they can get some fans for the next time. I bet after kids were in bed, you took a deep breath and glad he was safe in bed!!
    Thanks for the pictures!!


  11. just dropping by to say hello

  12. Poor PCP! We have Belle's performance tomorrow…fingers crossed all goes well.



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