Author’s Tea

I had the supreme pleasure of spending a few hours this afternoon at John’s Author’s Tea.  The room moms set up a lovely buffet of hot tea, iced tea, and tea snacks for the event.  I received a “pass” for helping with most of it, but Mother did put together fruit kebobs for us to take.


May 2014 116

Each child stood before the class and audience to read four poems aloud. 


May 2014 117 copy copy 


May 2014 118 copy


After reading a Second Grade: A to Z story that they wrote, Mrs. B passed out darling candy awards to each student.  John received the “Smarties Award” for his “intelligence and hard work in all areas!”


May 2014 120 copy

It was such a treat to have Mimi tag along!!  (And help me get myself and my fruit to the class.)


May 2014 123 copy copy


May 2014 122 copy


Attending these celebrations at school are some of my most special memories and best mommy moments.  I wish they could stay little forever :-)



  1. So precious. I so miss those days. So glad your sweet mom was able to be there and help you out as well. I am sure she enjoyed it as much as you did!!

  2. I miss those days too. It looks like a great tea. I'll be picking my youngest up at college tomorrow....seems like just yesterday I was attending these elementary school functions with him. Enjoy!

    So excited...just ordered the newest shell necklace....family reunion on Tybee later this summer and had to have one.

  3. What a sweet event, and this teacher is impressed with John's poems! He's a good little writer. His teacher did a nice job with the event, too. Good memories to be made. :)

  4. What a great event and I am sure your mother loved being there too. They do grow up way too fast!

  5. I love John's poems! And congratulations to him for the Smarties Award!

  6. How nice that your mom could attend with you! I agree that these celebrations are such special memories. Last year when my little one was in first grade, we attended a similar event. At the beginning the kids sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World. It is a Hawaiian sounding combination of the two songs and I couldn't hold back the tears. It was so sweet and innocent and as I am writing this I have tears in my eyes remembering it. These years really are so precious! Thanks for sharing your day!


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